Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lift your head, brave the skies..........

Here is an Interview with British Sea Power in Saturdays "Culture Show" Noble is the chap I told you about who jumped off the Stage in Bradford in September & rubbed a Marshmellow-thingy in my glasses!!!! Crumbs!
They appear on BBC tv's "Countryfile" on the 24th of this month.........

The Berea College Appalachian Sound Archives is mainly comprised of non-commercial sound and video recordings that document Appalachian history and culture and the history of Berea College. These recordings are especially strong in the areas of fiddle and banjo tunes; ballads and songs; Old Regular Baptist singing and preaching; folktales and legends; and oral history. Search Here:
Honey.Where You Been So Long?

Turgid calls the winter charge

True adventures of awaking hearts

Nights are overwhelmed by gloom

We will see foxes in the moon

Valleys drop, mountains rise

Lift your head, brave the skies

All of the forgotten names

Lakes are forming on the pockets of your brain

And there in the distant glow

A shadow on shadow

At once so strong and weak

In the sunken lines they speak

You think it's gone, my friend

But it comes back again

Senescence or senility

How long until you sleep?

Discarded for all it's worth

Now it's quiet under this fresh earth

Valleys drop, mountains rise

Lift your head, brave the skies

You think it's gone, my friend

But it comes back again

And there is a final cry

A whimper and a sigh

And what was fast is slow

And what was brass is gold

Valleys drop, mountains rise

Lift your head, brave the skies

You think it's gone, my friend

But it comes back again...........


Seattle March 04, 2008


Click here to read about what your teacher never told you about "British Sea Power"...........


KAZ said...

I saaw them on the Culture Show last night. Good stuff.

tony said...

Yea, They also should be on CountryFile on Sunday morning some time soon (unless they were on this morning & i missed 'em?)

reckless said...

Cool Appalachian search en.
Getting to like BBSea.
..... and again, and again, indeed it comes my friend.

dh said...

Interesting. They seem quite ordinary but the lyrics are great. I like that combination of rock and poetry.

Joanne Casey said...

Argh no, not a marshmellow to the glasses, a fingerprint takes about 5 minutes to clean never mind that!

Jay Cam said...

nice song, but i'm more of a hip hop guy!

tony said...

We Are All hip-Hop Now!+
My Face Became a sort of Rock & Roll Shrine for a week or so...................

rockmother said...

I don't understand what all the fuss is about BSP...I saw them on Jools Holland over a year ago and just didn't really like them. But music is so subjective - that's what makes it interesting I guess..

tony said...

Mum yea, its all totally subjective.For myself, Ive seen'em Live twice & I enjoyed.Plus, i like the quirkyness of them they throw together differing elements to make an unusual combination.You Pays Yer Money..........

rockmother said...

I won't give up quite yet - will give them another go soon. Sometimes you just don't get something and then you do - and you love it. Sadly, that didn't happen with Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice - I have tried on various occasions over the alst 25 years to read it and every time - I hate it. I've given up now. Some things are like that.

tony said...

I heard Rumour That British Sea Power are to attempt to set the entire Works of Jane Austin to Music for the next Albumn.................:)

tony said...

I saw White Stripes Live a couple of years back in Leeds.Yes......One of the few good Rock Acts still rolling.......Re Getting High.maybe the secret is never to come down?Kinda solves the Problem of losing things?