Friday, December 23, 2011

clay jug

Oh Go On! [if you must] Have A Lovely Christmas My Fine Readers.
It's been a funny old year.A year of waving flags [and banners & suchlike].Even I Got Into The Act.I guess we shall have more of the same next year.Actually, if you have any more last-minute Christmas presents to buy this afternoon, a nice shiny new flag would not go amiss............I wonder if Marx & Spencers stock them?
I got home drunk last night & posted this video here.My laptop was mute, so I have only just realised that this video was about "British Sea Power" itself.Not the Pop Combo. by the same name.Hey-Hoy, confusing times!

This is a fundraising film from Bexley Local Studies and Archive Centre for the Bexley Warship Week campaign. Military units, men and women of the civil defence services, march down the streets of Bexleyheath together with boy scouts, girl guides, Sea cadets and military bands.
This Is A Sepia Saturday Post.

Inside this clay jug there are canyons
and pine mountains, and the maker of
canyons and pine mountains!
All seven oceans are inside, and
hundreds of millions of stars.
The acid that tests gold is there, and
the one who judges jewels.
And the music from the strings
no one touches, and the source of
all water.
If you want the truth, I will tell you
the truth:
Friend, listen:
the God whom I love is inside.


Liz Stratton said...

Love your Xmas sidebar! Have a great holiday.

Interesting film. Many similar types of films were produced here to encourage all to participate in the war effort. An amazing step back in time.

Brian Miller said...

nice look back tony...i remember many of the ones for here that i have seen...

i hope you have a very merry christmas!

Tom said...

i would say you still have a very impressive navy

Merriest of Christmases and all that

Martin said...

Our navy isn't what it was, but then, neither is naval warfare. Great archive footage.

Have a splendid Christmas, Tony. All the best for 2012!

Scarlet Blue said...

Merry Christmas, Tony!
Bexley... very close to home...

Ciaran Rehill said...

My first Ju-Jitsu class was in Bexley. Happy Xmas. 2012, Year Of The Dragon!

Zuzana said...

Dear Tony, Merry Christmas to you and yours - I wonder if you stick with any traditions of your heritage and have carp for dinner.;)
Have a great week dear friend,

Bob Scotney said...

Merry Christmas, Tony.

Kurt said...

Happy Christmas, Tony.

Little Nell said...

See what a little Christmas ‘merriment’ can lead to? Hope yours is a good one.

LadyCat said...

Never a good idea to post when you've had too much to drink...ha ; )
Hope you have a hippy happy holiday season!

Teresa Evangeline said...

Tony, tony, tony, It's falling into Christmas Eve and I'm so glad I waited to come over and visit your place, because now I have one of the most beautiful poems I've read in a very long time to take me through the night. Every line is wonderful, and Jackie Levin, too.

"And so it is Christmas..." JL

Joanne Casey said...

Happy Christmas, my friend xo


Hoping the hangover wasn't so bad... and thanks for pointing out Kabir. I shall look into this. Something there beckons me...

Season's greetings!!

Tattered and Lost said...

What a grand little film!