Saturday, January 07, 2012

Celestial Swimmers

"Celestial Swimmers"  © Allan Renshaw.

I have been talking by email this week with Allan Rustad-Renshaw –.
.Allan is one of the strongest men I have ever met.
Several of my regular silent readers will remember him  when he used to go to Rochdale Hamam  I havnt seen him in maybe,what, 14 years?
He now lives in North Wales.He is an artist.  You can see some of his work & writing   on his website here.
I shared with him some photos of him from the Olden Days at The Turkish Baths.I also share them with you too..............dont I look young & rather handsome ?(Rather than the mature George Clooney-figure   of today) 
(by the way,my Sepia Saturday post is on my Hebden Bridge blog this week.)

do not cease swimming in the seas of love,
rising with the wave, then descending;
now the wave sustains me, and then I sink beneath it;
love bears me away where there is no longer any shore.


FrankandMary said...

Turkish baths kinda scare me

Brian Miller said...

dude...digging the art...all about it...

Teresa Evangeline said...

Cool. Of all his work, I believe I like "Celestial Swimmers" best, and then "Matrix 2."

I know nothing of Turkish baths, but, life goes on....

You look like you might have wreaked some romantic havoc... ;)

Kurt said...

I can't believe they're closing it. Next they'll start closing the camera obscuras.

tony said...

F&M Dont Be Scared!!!!
Thanks Brian
Kurt.Allan suggests a meeting of Old Timers to mark the passing of The Turkish Baths (it closes in a few months)A Sort Of Naked School-Reunion...........

Akelamalu said...

They may be closing it but you'll still have all those good memories. :)

LadyCat said...

Love the 'Celestial Swimmers' and the Rumi quote.
And you haven't changed a bit : )

Alan Burnett said...

The trouble with swimming in the seas of love is that the water is so bloody cold.