Friday, April 05, 2013

Call out the Instigator : Halifax:4th April

i'm way behind with things here. If I havnt visited you this week.I'm sorry,I will soon.
{.This is a wee temporary post post until I catch up with you all.}
I went into Halifax last night.Met Bryn,Phil,Ken & Shirty Whitehead + his guitar.(Shirty was in the same class at school as Me & Phil)
Halifax was odd tonight.I can't put my finger on it,but at times it felt Tarantinoish.Maybe it's just me?Everybody seemed very twitchy.... a lot of tension in the air.....
This has been a strange week in Blighty.A collective nervous breakdown  happened .
How Odd.
Meanwhile,Shirty Whitehead  played a Robert Johnson song last night....It seemed apropriate......
Is it just me?
Or does England stir?

Thunderclap Newman - Something In The Air

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