Wednesday, February 28

looks like some cunt from "Mississauga, Ontario"

This blog is being subjected to some quite nasty & personal stalking at the moment.
Never trust anybody who wont look you in the eye.

I cant imagine the interest?Maybe it's the above  link?Related,in turn,to these links: 
So , with all this snow , I'm begining to feel a little like Jack in "The Shining" ! A lot of retired -time on my hands...& difficulty in getting out & about!
 Perhaps it's time here to begin addressing a few issues that have been bugging me for over a year now...................
Or ,Perhaps not!
We shall see.
[more text to follow]
update I notice that, within just a few minutes of posting the above , my suggestion has created a reaction .
 Strange how people have enough time to stalk yet not to talk.
A comment here would be a start at least?
( although,remember I told you before? I never ever publish anonymous  comments.)
I only ever bought one copy  of this book
I didnt publish it & paid the full cover price for the copy I do have. But I am willing to give it as a"free prize"if I get a comment here from   Mississauga  !


Z said...

How unpleasant and tedious for you. I can't imagine why someone would get their kicks in such a way.

I've read your blog for a long time, though I can't now remember how I originally found it. I'm sure I have commented here in the past, because I make a point of doing so on blogs that I read, but I don't think I have for quite a while. I trust I count as a lurker rather than a stalker, though.

tony said...

Thank You for your comment & your visits .p.s. I have put a link on my sidebar to your blog Regards T.