Saturday, February 16, 2019

this week....
Me & Chris went to Malham on Wednesay.
On Thursday me & Cathy went to Manchester. 
Friday, I went with Phil, Martin & Jim drinking in Manchester,

Friday, February 01, 2019

you will never be as sexy as me........

Home recorded on a reel-to-reel in his New York apartment two months before his death.....
sepia rock & roll!
Between ages 10 & 12 I used to go to a second-hand record shop up Haley Hill in Halifax ( next door to a 'temperance bar' )to buy Buddy Holly records.
 He was my first 'rock god'. (de-throned in 1965 by Bob Dylan)
 I liked Buddy's style. geeky-ugly:awkward;shy. The complete opposite of Elvis . Elvis's  whole style seemed to me "you will never be as sexy as me'. Not what a 10 year old yorkshire lad needs to hear.......

 Holly was more a big brother & friend to me than a competitor.( and 100% better musician IMHO)
Anyway.tomorrow ( 3nd February) is the 60th year since Holly died in that plane crash.
again today. i found these two photos on the sepia saturday
theme of "hats" & "men walking"... *just* about scraped it!? 
(Plus a "bonus track" we see Buddy, Jerry Lee Lewis & The Big Bopper walking to a plane )