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Saturday, April 25, 2015

the boy is dead, stop killing him.....

Should we mourn shadows.....?
My oldest friend Phil Thex-Fireman got the all-clear regarding his 10 month chemo& radiotherapy for throat cancer.
above a  few photos of  a night out we had in Hebden Bridge .
This is a sepia saturday post. 
Regular readers here will remember me talk in the past about our ten year old cat Chaz. I am sad .We had to put him to sleep yesterday.
 An outdoor cat.He roamed the fields of Hebden Bridge & must have killed hundreds of mice,birds,rats,
voles& jesus knows what else  over the years.
I remember him killing a rabbit the same size as himself:half-eating it : leaving the remains under Chris's bed as a present.
OnThursday,me & Chris held him as the vet gave him the lethal injection.
As Chaz's  eyes closed for the last time ,i was hoping his victims were not lined up in heaven awaiting his arrival .......
I found the theatre & poetry surprisingly moving.
 When I worked as a 17 year old Nurse at Stansfield View Hospital ,Todmorden i remember laying a patient out. I was at  by my mother's death bed. I am an orphan boy who visited Aunt Brenda & her cancer. I had a prostrate cancer scare myself 5 years ago.
I'm feeling my age...preparing for eventually departure's not very rock and roll for a man my age to be mourning a cat's death. So Im surprised it even registered with me ,let alone giving it as the subject of a blog post.
Really ,in truth ,its not about Chaz at all ,but about another bit of life's  leaving.
it has given body to an  increasing vague fear of change...
 So!i am touched by Chaz's Thursday Sweet Surrender & grateful for the subtle shapes he threw in our lives.
When body's bricks crumble, 
don't wail
you've only been in a jail ....
i found this old video of Chaz,our beautiful cat .It seems youtube have removed the audio because they detected a Bob Dylan song in the background. No matter, i was talking bollocks anyway...

Thursday, June 11, 2015

ßeñeath the southern cross

 More developments since last week's post concerning my stable~ come~ £6000 Italian Ruin......
I found out this week that the 'mystery offer'comes from an Italian government/EU initiative to regenerate the region.(details below) .
It's a bit like a 'compulsory-purchase'.

Nominally , the price is negotiable .
However (because my & some other buildings  are rundown /that's why I got  it cheap in the first place) if i don't negotiate a selling price ,I will be ordered by the commune to bring it up to a certain (new) standard. This will be expensive.
Basically it's double or quits.
Which,realistically means that the cost would have to make it become my first & only home.
Now, even before any haggling, they seem to be offering me a fair price (just above what i paid  initially plus any legal costs involved in the
Take the money & run?
I,ve no idea yet what time deadlines are involved.....
 ....... it does feel a bit like selling a dream.
I always suspected the area had potential.I guess it will have to develop without me.
A shame.
in other news....I booked tickets to see Simone Felice at St.Michael's Church in Ancoats on 8th October ( Manchester's "Little Italy") {buy TICKETS}
Today Me Chris & Cath buried Chaz's Ashes in the Yorkshire sun above Hebden Bridge.
It felt like Italy a little..........