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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

in a stable condition....

Neil Young:Live in Japan:1976:Heart of Gold.

this week's speia saturday 212 is looking at  snow. It's excess & it's absence..........
One of a Series of photos taken by some of the Anglo Saxon side of my family in the early 20th century in Lake Saranac in up state New York  ..To some extent,I am recycling These previous posts
{Me Thinks our ancestors enjoyed & gleaned more fun out of extremities than we do now?Just a Thought........}
Thankfully ,we have had no snow here yet this winter.Here is a photo Chris took up the road last Winter......
I am getting over my recent illness.Saying that, Im not 100% in as much as I get tired very easily still.
I'm now on stronger steroids for my asthma (flutiform instead of beclometasone) A fairly minor ajustment ,& still ,i feel, only moderate in terms of heavy-duty asthma (?).
I'm still not that sure what i would do differently if it happened again?
it was all so quick.
In the space of 48 hours I went from Hero -to-Zero. New Years's revellery to the back of  an Ambulance with an Oxygen Mask on......
It was   lower respiratory tract infection {pneumonia?} which in turn triggered a bad Asthma attack.........Hey-Hoy .
My asthma is controlled at the moment ,and I only feel a little hoarse as i type this post........... [above:Bob Dylan "see you later Allen Ginsberg".Basement Tapes Outakes.]
Here in Calderdale ,we are in the middle of the weeklong Wyrd Britannia Festival.
The festival rolled into Hebden Bridge Library tonight.
Andy Roberts gave a talk on LSD in Britain & the band Magpahi also played.
Andy is a great advocate of the drug.
I took it several times in the 70s and I fully support his plea for understanding
.A groovy night was had by all!
Roll on John:Blackpool 2013 :Bob Dylan.
those wacky Anglo-Saxon Zimnochs......


Thursday, March 16, 2017

O-ku Nsu-kun No-ko

So!  It's 1946.And  Louis Armstrong is found looking  at himself in the  mirror ..............and this is   the  week's sepia saturday   prompt photo.........Say "Cheese"!

[Some of what follows  is a sort of  Open Letter to one of the main  protagonists in a rather messy ,current, personal drama.But it has universal truths too.........]
What i am saying  here  ( to quote a line from the movie "The Sixth Sense")  is that "I See   Dead People....."!
Which, sort of , of brings me onto what I will clumsily  attempt to explain in this post.
Namely , my rather particular relationship to the viewing of photographs.
Maybe i see photo differently to others ?
(remember!) I See Dead  People............
For me, snapshots can be a portel to The Other.( i know this must  read like a load of pretentous bollocks  ,but maybe you can get my drift  here ...?)
 I wasnt there, but to my way of thinking ,if someone took the trouble to point a camera in the first place, then they must have intended to share & communicate.Surely? I mean, why  photograph a secret?
I  find myself   "reading between the lines........" although the lines are in body ,not in text.......
I could never understand the idea of privacy in picture (let alone copyright) .It's a  THING , its not the actual event.
(Look   my  protagonist, I not saying  I'm 'right' :I'm just telling you the way  it is for me . This may not be the same thing!)
 Looking is sharing,right? It's not excluding? A photo is something you create   to try and make another person  understand?
Look.I share on this blog a photo of my dead Grandmother.I am happy to do this ( yes, I mean "happy").It makes her life still  real somehow.It make her Still Significant.Still Important.Still powerful How could this process possibly diminish her?
Exiled abroad and  never having  a British passport marked my dad down as a Soviet deserter . Simply, he was afraid to go home.
The  only photo he came to Scotland with was on his passport.
For 20+ years his only contact from home & family  came via letters .Sometimes these  contained  the odd photo.
Home was reduced to a series of these 2nd hand 'souvenirs'
Births ,Marriages and (increasingly) Deaths came his way  in snapshots.
He saw his mother's ( my grandmother) death -a month later-via this photo of her in her coffin, with his sister sat looking on, in the flesh.
He got did the  endless procession of a family trudging  through the snow into the cemetry.........
So.What I  try  to say here is that I come to your photographs differently.
My family didnt have any  luxury of notion of secrecy.
Photography ,albeit out of neccessity ,was inclusive.

At the same time,.my Mum's fractured family  revealed itself  mysteriously to me in similar fashion..........
.From afar,my maternal grandfather beggered -off to North America ( with a different family) at the turn of the century.
Gold Digging!Literally, it seems..a tad late ,the 'Rush'must have been over by then?
What little I know of him/them  was learned from such pictures...........A Rum Crew!Although not that disimilar in posture and bravado to any modern day British ex-pats in ,say,Benidorm
*One of many of my Aunty Brenda's North American photos :*
see others
Infact my maternal grandfather only left me himself in photographs.
He was a sailor.He learned of my birth in 1952 but never saw me in the flesh.
.He died that same year. 
This is a photo of his grave in Malta.
I have never visited.I never wished too.What would be the point? This photo is more than enough.

When a western man loses his best friend many days are spent in years 
And without belief he knows his empty grief is a name for his own fears 
Oh, the eyes are still.
 Oh, but even sleeping 
My dearest friend till we meet again and ever, we'll be blowing 
Maybe weep awhile for those below; until then I'll keep on going
 But oh, the heart, the hurt keeps on keepin' on, on and on 
 Let them alone for those down there speak our sorrow 
While we can't share the joke together, yeah, we keep on going 
My dearest friend till we meet again
 O-ku Nsu-kun No-ko The dead are weeping for the dead 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

love isn't done

love & respect at Christmas to you my visitor.

A Christmas Card sent in 1907 from Saranac Lake by my  Grandfather in  New York State to the family back home in Scotland.....
See other photos from  my Aunty Brenda's Collection here:
Read about Saranac here:
 This is a  sepia saturday post   

Magda Davitt (Sinead O’Connor) 
With the Ulster Orchestra. Live at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland; May 12, 2008. 
a lovely song about Christmas time & family love & loss ....... 
me & Cath went to Christmas Eve Mass  in  Mytholmroyd.

 Tu Spoczywa 
Wladyslaw Zimnoch 
(14th Feb 1917-26th Dec1984)

Friday, January 08, 2010

Lang may yir lum reek wi ither fowk's coal

click image below for biggary & detail
frús'trey-ting-lee.........if enlarged ,you can see the faint inprint of a previous letter written over the top of this Xmas card.............................

"lang may yir lum reek "or 'long may your chimney smoke'.............a shortened version of “Lang may yir lum reek wi ither fowk's coal.” ( “Long may your chimney smoke with other people's coal.” )
This is my contribution to Alan's Sepia Saturday .As i told Alan the other week in Union Cross pub in Halifax I have a big box full of old (mainly sepia) photographs I need to scan/preserve.This is one i pulled out at random.The problem with many of these photos is ,although they are connected to my family, I really do not know the detail behind them.My Mum's side of the family came from Fife & Edinburgh. One of the few things I know about what is a very complicated family tree is that I am related to Robert Louis Stevenson .
The reason it is complicated & why big chunks are unknown to me is that my maternal grandfather was married 3 times .His first 2 wives (including my grandmother) died in childbirth.He had 3 children.One to each wife.My Mum had a half-brother & a half-sister.each of who had different mothers!

Although all the 3 were reasonably close they ended up living throughout the UK.One in the Home Counties of England.One in Edinburgh & my Mum in Yorkshire..My childhood was an endless series of trips to distant half -Aunts and quarter -cousins!

Genealogy has always been an ology-too-far for me .It's just too damn complicated!My maternal grandfather died (in Malta.he was a sailor) in 1951.He kind of abandoned my Mum when she was wee.So she was never very forthcoming on him & his relationships and the finer points of family history.Added to which my Dad's Polish family was even more complicated & distant to me .Astrology has always seemed a better bet!

Anyway this is a series of photos I had passed onto me when my half-Aunt Brenda died in Edinburgh 1985.This was a Christmas Card sent from Saranac Lake in upstate New York.

My guess is it was posted around the late-1800's or very early 1900's.Another guess it was sent to a member of my extended family.Maybe the sender too was a relative? I have several other photos from North America around the same period.I have about twelve from the series.Lots of Snow!It's really frustrating because one is of The Family Dog (with HIS name written on the back).I know the name of their bloody hound but not theirs!
Finally.For This Week.Here is another photo I dug out today.Again I know little.I seem to remember my Mum saying they were Family.and the house is in The Americas.Another mystery............but please look here.You could write a whole historical tv mini-series on the basis of this one photo alone!

Sometimes Life is like getting a 1000 piece jigsaw for Christmas.Then,come January you find out that 743 bits are missing................................

POSTCRIPT: [click ]
Coincidence...............after writing the above I went to Wiki and read up on the life of Robert Louis Stevenson.Turns out he wintered in Saranac in 1887! Of Course my post is probably 99% totally unconnected with this fact..but it does make you think.................

at last, a Protest Song about Afganistan..............

"..............Drawn from Martin Carthy's extensive repertoire, the song is a Napoleonic anti-war ballad about crippled cannon-fodder, brought bang up to date to reflect the toll paid by amputee veterans of Blair's wars..............." INDEPENDENT:

Saturday, January 06, 2018


another of Brenda's Saranac Photos .Lots of fine hats & bonnets......Part of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival

my contribution to the first sepia saturday of 2018 is around the theme of "hats". 
To see the contributions of others , visit here
I dont own a hat. I tend to borrow from others........
in 2008 i was a member of Grant's Stag Party in Benidorm.Most of the lads were from an Oldham rugby club .Grant was ,at the time,on St.Helens books. Mick (pictured with me) is an ex-prop forward with Oldham RLFC.We all went as members of Village People ( i was the token Polish Plumber).It was so fucking hot.....I had hold my moustache as the sweat prevented it sticking properly.......see other photos here
2005 in the car park of a shoppimg mall in Northampton, was Febuary & freezing...My son,  Chris,pictured next to me.We were guests of my good Muslim  friend Ayse who was studying in New England at the time. a grand photo i took of Chris & Ayse.
at the 2015 Peterloo Massacre Memorial in Manchester.See more photos here .( i took a lot of photos of famous TV & Movie 'faces')  Actually that IS my own hat...but I look a bit of a prune wearing it.(Its in a drawer, somewhere.........!)

n.b. See more of my photos

Thursday, February 07, 2013

we came to the pyramids all embedded in ice

Bob Dylan - Isis

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This is a Sepia Saturday  post.
I may have mentioned it before...the fact that my Aunty Brenda was born in Canada. My Grandfather( with his 2nd wife/ my grandmother would later become #3!)  moved there in the early 1900's "looking for gold" :"gold panning" Whatever........I will give you more detail when i understand this more myself........{ I have a postcard from Canada as evidence}. Later my Grandfather must have moved South, hence these photos from Saranac Lake in upstate New York. shown here are 3 of photos my family took at the Winter Carnival there.
The rest you can see in This Album.
My Polish surname is derived ,I believe, from the word "zimny" meaning Cold,standoffish,bleak, get the Drift? Not a lot of 'personal stuff' (AKA "Real") on here at the moment.Winter is a dreamtime,non? I always dream in a more vivid fashion in doubt my hiberation will end eventually!
In late January 2003 Me & Cathy went to see The Flaming Lips at The Academy in Manchester.On the Bill,supporting them,was an unknown (to me) band called British Sea Power.I dunno...for whatever reason I took a shine to those young lads.I have seen them several times since & championed  them here on this blog.A really unusual combo.
Live they are raw&loud.On recordings they are a melody...they are all over the place.Maybe that's the reason I like them...?
Their hobbies (when not reeling&arocking) are Bird -Watching (the  Ornithological kind not the Jimmy Savile kind!) & the poems of John Betjeman! .Turns out they are closet Sepians too! Witness their most recent promotional video! Marvel at all these sepian images!How cool is that Guys&Girls,now then now then..... (jingle-jangle)...
A body is found in the frozen North Dakota woods. The cops say the dead Japanese woman was looking for the $1m she saw buried in the film Fargo. But the story didn't end there.....{read}