Friday, January 31, 2014

this is war (let us all hip-hop in a turkish bath)

Dishing out endorphins
For nature’s orphans...................
Back in the Olden Days ,I used to have a Turkish Bath at least once a week (usually on a Friday & usually at Rochdale )
The bastards knocked down Rochdale Turkish Baths the year before last... As a result ,i only had 2 Turkish Baths in the whole of 2013 (one in Harrogate:one on Carlisle)
Part of my Friday Turkish Bath ritual was always to read the newspapers while in the Hot Rooms. Well I went to Harrogate today.
160 degrees of bliss for 3 hours.
While in today's Hot Room ,I read this Review in The Guardian of a band called "The Young Fathers".
It seemed like an omen. Especially given that they came from Edinburgh,where my family come from and where I had my first ever Turkish Bath....... The Young Fathers:Wikipedia
You know I love Turkish Baths ,right?
 Because of Tory & Lib Dem Cuts several have closed recently here in Britain.
Very few are now left.
  I received another email today about the fight to reOpen Newcastle Turkish Baths,(another omen)
If youve a mind,please sign the petition at the bottom of this is a transcript of the email.......
" ......Some of us ( not including me, Joan) had a really useful meeting together with the local representative of an organisation who can support us through the next stages of the bid, through constituting as a legal group and making the pre-feasibility grant application to support business planning and surveying and research. We are excited about updating you about this, as well as telling you about contacts that we have had with other community run baths, and organisations and individuals that have offered to support us to re-open the Pool & Baths. We hope to see many of you at the meeting next Tuesday 4 February at 6.30pm at the Trent House Bar in Newcastle, where we will update you and discuss the options we have going forward. We are especially looking for people to help with the next stages of the feasibility plan. We will circulate notes after, but hope that as many people as possible can make it and help spread the word about the meeting and the campaign. I, Joan, am having small operation previous day , so only weakness will keep me away.Thanks to all those continuing the flame! "
Sign The Petition to re-open Newcastle Turkish Baths
Above a photo inside Newcastle Turkish Baths, never  been there (awesome bloody tree!) Maybe,one day I will .............? 


Brian Miller said...

they def have an interesting sound and blend of their voices and effects...thanks for the intro...and hey i hope you get your bath open again...

Kristin said...

I had heard of Turkish Baths but never really knew anything about them until I read about them here. Hope you get the bath open again.

Dominic Rivron said...

I've never been to a Turkish Bath - but they sound like places that ought to be opening rather than closing. Let's hear it for civilisation.

Alan Burnett said...

Signed and send. But doesn't your Guardian go all wet and floppy in the heat?

tony said...

Alan,on a good day YES! But,I have also perfected the art of sweating horizontally and/or upwards!