Thursday, November 20, 2014

the hangman is a doctor's son.He's kept a list of those that die....

I am the tin woodsman, hunting a heart. I'm the scarecrow, please deliver my brain. I'm the crocodile who swallowed the pocket watch. I haven't learned as much as I imagined I would by now. But I do believe we pass in and out of this world like a song on the wind. And that most of what we see and do in this life is grossly out of tune, behind or ahead of the beat. But there are moments. You've known them. A kiss in a parked car. A melody in the dark. A meeting of eyes. A babe come in a thunderstorm.............[read more]
Some photos I took of Simone Felice at The Hebden Bridge Trades Club 19th November 2014 [here}