Friday, September 05, 2008

She Flew..........................

Tie two birds together.
They will not be able to fly,even though they now have four wings

My Mum Died At 7 pm Last Night.
This Is A Photo Of Her Taken By The Halifax Evening Courier in 1983.
I was quite embarrassed & puzzled about it at the time.
She had left the Budgie's cage open &;the living room window open.It had flown away......................!I really do not know what she was thinking of? She lived very near the Newspaper Building.Perhaps she hoped the bird had flown in and perched on the Editor's desk?
Anyway.She was appealing to the readers to report any sightings.
More innocent times.These day the local paper is full of Murders &;; Drugs Raids......................
6 months after this photo was taken My Dad died suddenly.............................
I have prettier photos&;stories&memories of This Beautuiful Woman...........but this story seems so poignant to me today.

Neil Young "ßirds":Performance from ßridge School ßenefit 1991.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Champion Jack Dupree


Click here to read more about The Champion.

I got a great Email yesterday From Champion Jack Duprees grandson.Just a few corrections regarding my post on October 17th 2006
Jack didnt live in Ovenden,Halifax until his death.He & his wife moved to Hanover.Divorced &
He therefore died in Germany (not Halifax as I had said).
The KKK burned alive both Jack,s parents.
The Childrens Home Jack was brought up in wasnt run by Louis Armstrong (as i said!).Rather, Louis was himself an orphan at the same place (only at a later date)
Also, The Anniversary of Jack's death is on the 21st of this month.
William Thomas Dupree was, in my 'Umble Opinion, one of the finest Bluesmen ever recorded.It is also a matter of great Pride to me that he lived part of his great life in my hometown of Halifax.
Here is The Illustrated Champion Jack Dupree Discography .
Here is Champion in His Pomp.

Regards To Cazza for the Information.

{PS the Cute Little Girl in The Photo is Georgiana.}


Thursday, June 14, 2007

TrojanDownloader.Win32.Con Hook

My PC is poorly @ the moment:(
Anybody know how to get rid of Trojans?I have good security( Norton ,Macfee & the AOL stuff) but I have been invaded (i think it was something got by Chris while downloading from Limeware). I can delete it all ok.But it pops back up within the minute........................
The pc is (obviously )still working but its slow.popups etc.
Ive found a useful site majorgeeks that has lots of good freeware&shareware.Hopeful I will find the correct medicine.until then,i feel like John Cleese & his Fawlty Car!

Phil's Birthday Drinks In Halifax

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