Thursday, August 17

gentrifying the graveyard..........

 a video I took of Holly Lynch ,Labour MP for Halifax speaking yesterday in Lister Lane Cemetery. If you know Halifax,to get your bearings,behind her is Gibbet Street with Lightowler Road on her far left .....(site of the old Poor House). ".....he would smuggle information,shall we say "alternative leaflets", up into  Halifax from   London in a coffin..."
You can see all my photos & videos of the day

Friday, August 11

no place to hyde

.So.I am related to the author Robert Louis Stevenson.
I have described some details about this here before.Here is a transcript of something I first posted on this blog  in July 2006[view here]
This week's sepia saturday concerns 'bookish' topics.......

So.Basically.My maternal grandfather was married 3 times. He had a child with each of his wives. (My mum's mum had died in childbirth). I am not related by blood to RLS,but my Aunty Brenda's mum was on that ol'literary  bloodline.. stuff was complicated in The Olden Days .......
I'm a shit genealogist (blushes) I dont know who the old couple are (.tho the bloke isn't my grandfather.I know that much!)But this is a nice ,rare,photo of the 3 half-siblings ,all together.My Mum's  sat on the couples knee.My Uncle Gordon sat on his half-sister Brenda's knee......I guess this was taken in Scotland.Probably Perth or Fife.
Several events coming up in the next couple of weeks that will be featured here later....
  • Next Wednesday (16th) I attend an event at Lister Lane Cemetry ,Halifax  .It's the 175th Anniversary of The 1842   General Strike.4 Chartists are buried there.I dont know much about either the riot or deaths ( similar to Peterloo?) although the Mayor & local Labour MP will be in attendance."Brass Bands and refeshments"they say..... ! Let us eat cake While we mark  the   "Plug Riot"
  • Next Sunday (20th) at Albert Square  Manchester me & Cathy go to see (among others) actor Christopher Ecclestone (a former Doctor Who) read out the Peterloo Massacre "NAMES"
  • A week on Thursday (24th) in Hebden Bridge Pubs  (k.o. 4pm) I will be having a few cheeky drinks to mark my retirement.
Below,a slideshow my    photographs  from the 2015 Peterloo Memorial.
Read About The Peterloo Massacre here

A nice bonus for me was finding thislocal blogspot which seems to cover similar terrain.

Thursday, August 3

have you herd?

So. There was this dream.........a couple of nights ago. We arrived to find  my late mother ,Marjory.Dressed up in her finest. Looking very determined  " I Mean Business " she said,firmly.........looking like a castle with a scar across her shoulder....

"After the advent of Christianity, the goat or God Pan with his beard, cloven hoofs and horns, later became associated as the unofficial image of the devil........"
This week's  sepia saturday
topic is around the theme of "goats".(Ummm...that's what I herd, anyway.......)
 So where to go with this one?
While I pondered this problem  ( not having any sepia goats myself,on my person )  i went on facebook for alternative  inspiration.
I visited a page that posts old photos of Halifax.A few years back i found an old photo of my Mum (working in a Infant nursey ) there..........  that i never knew existed!
This morning I may have found another?
Its taken inside St Mary's church on Gibbet Street in Halifax.It's   of a  Polish Mass  sometime in the 1970's. The priest holding the service is Father Gaik.
Now, I may be mistaken but the figure on the far right,back row,(black hair:brown top)  looks very much like my Mum!Maybe it;s not her at all?It's just that there is something about the way she holds her body,reminds me her.
I dont know if this possibility makes me happy  or sad........?
Pondering this ,while  in Bradford this morning on business.Having an hour to kill at lunchtime. I walked around
Hoping to find some goats carved or painted somewhere .No Joy, although i did capture some splendid William Morris stainglass windows & fabrics.albeit,goatless.......... By pure chance,i was later at a meeting in Halifax this afternoon...a 100 yards from where i lived as a child with my Mum& Dad.After the meeting I took a few extra photos of the building i knew best as a child......

Friday, July 28

you have made a happy man very old............

Hebden  Bridge: 1920's

I took myself to Bacup today. I visited are some photos I took.Lovely bloke

So the  sepia saturday theme this week is "bridge"
As I was in Hebden Bridge this weekend. How could I resist? 
I turn 65 on Sunday.
(I retire from work-again!in  the middle of August.)
I keep checking my mirror.My skin is already  turning it goes.......

Friday, July 21

people say believe half of what you see

Had me  a long talk with Norman Perry.I told him about how I used to live & work in the East End of London.what a nice bloke.
He seemed interested in me,as person,rather than some sort of voodoo doll.Refreshing  to find a willingness to  engagement from someone in a pub band, rather than they expecting me just being  some sort of 'extra' in their  vanity    project......

I went into Halifax with Comrade Ken& Phil the Ex-Fireman.
We went to The Upper George Pub .

i am hoping to go to this.Expect photos.