Friday, September 15

The Dream of Mrs L.L. Nicholson from Oakland, California (1924)

This is a sepia saturday
In 1924 California’s Tribune-American newspaper ran a competition for its readers to write in with their most unusual dreams and the winning entry was made into a short film.
 This is Mrs L.L. Nicholson from Oakland’s dream of losing her baby, rowing across San Francisco Bay, picking up some fish, and eventually discovering her lost child in a most unusual place and in trouble with the law. ............. If you enjoyed , then check out this link for many more sepia movies...... 

Thursday, September 14

Kentucky has entered the building

One of my photos
or view on smugmug......
"elderly people who have unfulfilled wishes..".
 love that shit! Where would you like me to begin?
the view from inside  the Hebden Bridge Trades Club today
Picked tickets up this & Cath now go see Louisville singer Joan Shelley at Hebden Bridge Trades Club on Sunday night.
 (As is usually the case) I will keep adding/taking away stuff in this post over the next few days.
I will also  attempt the tricky task of trying to translate the post into Kentuckyanese but I'm really not promising anything on that !
At the moment I will pop a few Joan Shelley videos below.These i may replace eventually with my photos/ video from Sunday's gig

Saturday, September 9

vast dignity like the night sky

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(apologies & regards to TT)
As I post this ,dear beautiful Cuba is being battered by Storm Irma . So this is topical.Here  is a photo I took in Habana in 1997.Two lads make a chariot/ racing car out of the top of a crate.
  So.......this week's    sepia saturday "...Cute kids using common household objects to build fantasy horses, spaceships or whatever is a theme as old as photography itself..."
My Son Chris & a toy train in the Dominican,things to do with a polish chicken & english ballons.......(click each for biggary)

We laugh at children 'pretending'........I sometimes wonder if it ever really goes away? Witness Trump

Tuesday, September 5

be just and if you can't be just , be arbitrary ~ William S Burroughs.

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Why not join Me & Cathy this Sunday (10th) at Lister Lane Cemetery kick-off  1pm for this tour & talk...meanwhile,dear visitors,
geniet van je lezing.
listen via: audioboom 
Halifax Heritage Festival 

1965 Interview with William Burroughs  The Art Of Fiction

Wednesday, August 30

among these dark satanic mills

Gentrifying  The Grimy Republic It's a dirty job ,but someone has to do it.....
 Billy Blake's "Jerusalem " where he spoke of being 'among these dark satanic mills...', was written while he sat above Beacon Hill in Halifax ..(said Ken Kersey over a pint of locally brewed lager ,looking at this view)....

Only an accountant will tell you if the £19 million spent on the Halifax Piece Hall   
was worth the money? All I can say is, I was surprised today  how good it looks.
Me & Cath go next week to the opening of the new Halifax Library which is just next door to The Piece Hall.


REST IN PEACE     My longtime Blogspot buddy Andrew Keogh here is his obituary in The Guardian. he died of lung cancer aged 66, and was a barrister, blogger, writer and political activist. He  was  born in Leeds.An avid Leeds United.Gratful Dead & Coffee  fan.....(n.b.we also had  a mutual friend in  Clive A.
They went to the the early 70's)
  here is a link to "White Rabbit" to Andrew's  blogspot.Go on sweetly,dear legal man......
A bit of a dilemma for me this weekend .
 I keep getting pestered by google to allow this blog to be included on their AdSense programme.Because of my large(ish) number of visitors they have given me some quite generous estimates of how much i might "earn" each month. Essentially, each time you visit here,the more money Google gives me .The joy of capitalism.
 So what to do? Should I take the capitalist shilling which goes against the spirit of what i do here? On the other  hand , what google would give me would more than pay for my smugmug photo album subscription each month.
At the  end of the day  I doubt I will take up this offer. But ,whatever , thank you kindly for each visit you make.Long may it continue.............