Sunday, September 30, 2018

golden slumbers

Llyn Cwm Bychan.
 Llanbedr . A week's stay in a really remote cottage up Snowden.....
After a long strange journey (through a place I didnt know) we were greeted by  a home baked cake the owner had left us..
 Keep checking back here for my photos of our travels throughout the week ( + a few images from last week)


Thursday, September 20, 2018

a postcard of the hanging.

We go see Julie Hesmondhaigh (formally of Accrington) in a play in Manchester next Thursday.
Then we bugger off to Mid-Wales for a week  in a rented cottage .......i may take photos?
to give you an idea of what me & Cath might look like in Red Saunders 'Peterloo' might look like.....this is one he did earlier...  
William Cuffay and the London Chartists, 1842 
"The 1832 Reform Act had extended the vote to more men with property but the working class still did not have a vote. A nationwide campaign involving men and women called for change and they became known as The Chartists, the first mass working class movement in Britain. The People’s Charter of 1838 demanded votes for all men, constituencies of equal size, the abolition of the property qualification, annual parliaments and salaries for members of Parliament. Portrayed is a meeting of the London Chartists in Whitechapel, in 1842, with William Cuffay, the son of a slave and the elected President of the London Chartists. He was transported to Tasmania for his endeavours, later pardoned, and continued to be politically active there."

Friday, September 14, 2018

ferryman has hands of stone.

Bride Stones, Todmorden
One of the people at Ken's birthday Do last night in Halifax was Jason Foster.A lovely bloke .Above is one of his works. His website is here
Jason Foster.
Meanwhile.In other news..
.this STV programme about the late great Jackie Leven was uploaded onto youtube a couple of days ago.


I'm afraid I will have to go for the 'and surprise us with an old photograph of your own choice.....' option for this week's sepia saturday 
Dear sweet Sepians.This week I give you the solitary sport of 'French Fishing'........
This postcard is one of a dozen or so similar ones  being sold at Hebden Bridge Antique Centre
.All cute kids: All individual portraits.
French fish must be very patient and helpful...........?

On Monday Me , Chris & Cathy went to Harrogate. I had a session at it's Turkish Baths .
It must be three years since I last went! It's still a bit like heaven for me ( 160 degrees in the top room).
On Tuesday we went to see the surrealist photos of Lee Miller They were great . It's the first time I have been to The Hepworth. Very disappointed in the building itself.Its an ugly Stalinist mess.

On Wednesday we went to Crawshawbooth Quaker Meeting House . It's over 300 years old & is the oldest Quaker building in the World.It's beautiful & caretaker Phil told me it has a ghost.
 How Cool! A Quaker Ghost......
We spent a couple of hours talking with the caretaker , Phil. Lovely bloke. I hope to visit again ( it's up near my friend Bob in Bacup).
On Thursday I met with Ken in Halifax to drown his birthday.
You can see some of my photo of the week here........
You wouldn't know it from these photos, I suppose, but it's been a very cruel week for me personally.
 view/examine these new photos here

Thursday, September 06, 2018

oh! qu'est beau.

See  here ,other contributions to this week's sepia saturday
Mine is a postcard I found at
"steps" certainly."flowers" i think too? (In the lady's hat...?)

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Mother, yon lion's et Albert.............

This is a sepia saturday post.
  The  week's suggested themes are MUSIC : SINGERS : GRAMOPHONE : RECORDS.
I looked through my own old photos and struggled.....the best I could find was the photo below which  I took of the Canadian singers Kate & Anna McGarricle when they  played Liverpool Philharmonic Hall in 1975.
I got my first record player on my 6th birthday (1957):
 It was,even then, an antique.A big brass beast:a windup affair! You had to change the needle ever time you played a record!
Fortunately I was only given one 78 record to go with it.It was Stanley Holloway's monologue about a lad called "Albert" who goes on holiday to Blackpool with his Mum & Dad and gets eaten by a lion in the zoo.
were my mum&dad giving me a message...? (we went to Blackpool most summer holidays)
 Anyway.Listening to it again now, it's still quite funny.......Northern Humour... Albert & The Lion:lyrics 
Aged 11.My brother Zyg bought me my first 'proper' record player & my first LP.("The Buddy Holly Story") The first record I bought myself was "The Folk Blues of John Lee Hooker". I fell in love with Tupelo Blues........... Which was a bit 'hard-core' for a young Yorkshire lad who also quite liked the Monkees & Beatles..
*John Lee Hooker would have been 101 on the 22nd August 2018.(6 months older than my own Dad).Rest in Peace both XX*
john lee hooker – tupelo blues from directors guild on Vimeo.

I dont seem to have any other photos that relate to this week's theme.
I did find the above  in Hebden Bridge's Antique shop.Not a jolly crew...but they  do have an solitary instrument in view.
 The photo's  origin is French, I think.
They look like they have just spotted  a lion......?

Monday, August 20, 2018

Peterloo 2018:

Me, Cath & Martin attended the Annual Peterloo Memorial in Manchester on Sunday.
.It's the 4th year we have been present.
We also took part in casting for the  Peterloo Massacre Tableaux
See all my photos here:

Thursday, August 09, 2018

a great light creates deep shadows........

The post title was taken from a book I'm currently reading "The Sorrow Of Angels" by Jon Kalman Stefánsson
"We're in a leaky rowing boat with a rotten net, and we're going to catch stars".
This post was originally intended for last week's Sepia Saturday theme.(  Illusions:trick photos: big& small) But I was too late submitting, so.......I'm thinking  it can equally apply this week instead?
To see other people's contributions , visit

I took this photo on 30 August 1997.In Howth near Dublin .It was the weekend Princess Dianne died in Paris.
 I was with Julie Boardman and her friend His Drayness (who i went to teacher training college with) Julie said "take a photo of me squashing this man" ( a sepia display of 1900's images..this one being   The Giant's Causeway in Ireland's 'Six Counties'.)
So I did!
  This week we booked seats at Manchester Royal Exchange to see  this: play in September.It's currently playing the Edinburgh Festival and stars Julie Hesmondhalgh.
Quote of the day (again from the Edinburgh Festival) .
Frankie Boyle "..has acid words for anyone who is worried about plastic in the ocean when there are refugees drowing in it..." (Independent)

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

leave no trace

For my 66th birthday, Me Cath & Chris went into Manchester.
 We had a meal at  Marble Arch on Rochdale Road (they have created a rather cool beer garden since the last time i visited) . Later, we went onto  to see Leave No Trace
A story of lost tribes.

Matthew Zimnoch in Pennsylvania is
a freelance trombonist, a classically trained baritone (vocalist), composer, music director and band leader.
Today he sent me this audio for my birthday & to be included on this post.