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poundshop trump

Thrilled to hear somebody I've never heard of is now leading a political party with only one MP that I couldn't give a fuck about anyway........

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R.I.P. Fidel x

an update:

By the way:this: 
is a neat (and free) tool that finds if any image has been posted anywhere else on the internet
 ( think of it as a search engine- in -reverse)
Update: I found 4 in a "2011" album.(lord   knows why !) Found & deleted.(see link at the bottom of the post) if you find any others  yourself ,leave a link on the comment section at the bottom and I will delete immediately.
Genuine Regret for upset caused.This blog is so   big,(spanning  many years) it's quite difficult to trawl through it all!But more progress made today .As a result, this page I amended  just now .Check here:
NOTE: If any more are found in future (?) I will amend & list updated links below:

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just like honey

 Thanks to my Mates Christopher Hannis & Liam Marshall in Portland, Oregon who just yesterday    gave me copyright permission to share their beautiful sounds on this post:  

    ßénch © exclusive!

a sweet cover of "just like honey" by  jesus and mary chain........

an image i took  last december in manchester at the .rochdale hamam's german market christmas piss-up.

I,ve been here at this address in one form [or another ] since 2001. 
It is what I have become: it's   what,in the end, i became.
 You must remember. , 16 years ago,facebook was mostly unknown.Having a personal social internet "presence"was very rare.
Today it is ubiquitous. Blogging then was at the cutting edge   of communication.facebook & twitter  have now  taken that over  .
If blogging happens  at all, it  tends to be a  'niche' thing (eg business/hobbyist rather than social/personal)
yet ,i remain
partly out of habit. also believing it   still far more flexible & creative than the other alternatives..
Isnt there something  rather rigid and  totalitarian about the facebook template?.
not  the   detail  : or the 'rights'or 'wrongs' or whatever...
intrusion  judgements made,  not asked for:not  deserved. 
anybody who took trouble  to make even a cursory glance at these 16 years  will know me   a good person.
Anyway.I remain.This blog continues
  • communicates with distant friends
  • supports a  vanity ..amplifies an ego.
  • records passions friends;drinks;holidays;photographs;politics;blah blah blah.
  • it tries to remember moments like   when my mum   died....... When this   was happening.Where were you ?
  • Even after 16 years , Peoples still visit   Maybe a 100 or so a day?It's hard to tell accurately . i have 3 stats systems,they all give widely different calculations.
     Not as many comments.these days  .In   my pomp i  could get 20-40 per post.
    Over time old readers either got bored or died (or both)
    Now it's enough  to   simply let the   world   see my pulse......
    Next month at this address you will    see photographs of the 9th annual   visit to Manchester  of the former inmates of The Rochdale Hamam     above  is a slide  show of some of our various visits.
My friends Christopher Hannis & Liam Marshall in Portland, Oregon recording this week. © Dr. Martin Highley plymouth sean montgomery.cancer. halifax .brian highley halifax. Clinical Oncologist.Su Susan Highley halifax.sean montgomery

Friday, November 18, 2016

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” ~ Rumi

Me & Cathy took ourselves to Manchester.Mainly to see "Breaking The Code" at Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre.'Was about the life & death of   Alan Turing.I was  well impressed.One  of the best plays i have ever seen.Well   written.Well  acted.
We also went around the Art Gallery & Christmas German Markets.  

You can see all mine & Cathy's photos from  today  here

Friday, October 28, 2016

Dont Forget To Turn Your Clocks Back To 1958 This Weekend.

Phil the X-Fireman gave me today this photo of his   wedding to Val .Over 30 years ago.I was his Best Man.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Israr in Palestine

My mate Israr Hussain ( Crossley Heath Class of 1988)  is currently in   Palestine .He is posting loads of images from   there (and added too & updated daily) Check them  out here......

He will  be  bringing back  supplies of Palestinian Olive Oil:Soaps & Scents: Dates:etc.
Next month I will posting prices here.Ideal presents for Christmas.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

he who is destined for the gallows will not drown...

 Ever tried.Ever failed. No matter. Try again.Fail again. Fail better. ~Samuel Beckett.

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Thanks Little Nell.

My new Polish friend on facebook! WERONIKA GĘSICKA .

I,ve been asked not to show some family photos publically anymore.Fair Enough. None the less, thanks for the comments made on yesterday's  (now deleted ) post. X

Friday, September 23, 2016

Corbyn Wins

In last week's post I shared my photos & videos of Angela Clarke's 60th Birthday at The Hebden Bridge Trades Club.
 This week ,I share an image kindly   taken &  permitted me by local friend & photographer Roger O'Doherty.
Thank You Roger.
It captures the moment Jeremy Corbyn's victory was announced on the Big Screen at The Trades Club on Saturday.
 Angela can be seen stood at the back,her hands raised in celebration!

Friday, September 02, 2016

i voted today:I' will see you in hell

Sea of Heartbreak for Him,You or Me?
 I really do not know yet,too early to tell....
.But ,anyway    here,   is a profile of the last living Englishman with any sort of real ammunition left......
See how this fine band nearly busted Me & Cathy's eardrums in Rochdale .This is modern England. it is not  pastorial anymore..... zimnoch.s

Friday, August 19, 2016

In A Dream You Saw A Way To Survive And You Were Full Of Joy.

My search for cleverness continues..........
Me & Cath went into Manchester's Whitworth Gallery to see an exhibition called   In A Dream You Saw A Way To Survive And You Were Full Of Joy
To be honest, I knew little about it,but I just loved the title! It was an electic mix of curated  stuff.
I mean,Andy Warhol and Eric Gill in the same space !

The first Gill sculpture I,ve ever was the highlight for me.Brilliant.
I'm still not a big fan of The Whitworth.It brands itself as an International Gallery.Very well healed could just as easily be in London or New York. I get no feel of Northernness or Manchesterness.Frankly ,it feels a bit up itself!
 All those comforable people coming to look at photos of homeless street sleepers, while outside the beggars of Manchester seem to multiply each time i visit the city.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

13th August : Happy Valley Pride.
So. I went into Hebden Bridge this afternoon.
Taking a look at Hebden Bridge's first ever Pride.
Really nice feeling around the town.
 Hebden has been a Gay friendly place for many years.I'm surprised this hasnt happened before now.......
I was thinking of David Cameron today. The only "brave " thing he ever did was to support Gay Rights legislation.
I guess he must have  some rich gay friends?, Because he never did fuck all for gay disabled people:gay midwives:the  gays homeless:gay public service workers:gay ambulance drivers:gay lorry drivers:gay youth;gay unemployed:etc etc.....

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#KeepCorbyn :Manchester.

It's going to be a hard fight "for the soul of the Labour Party".
If we are going to put our faith in Chilcot & the 'big majority in the last Labour Leadership election ',we are fucked.
  it will be different this time..... I cannot believe Chilcot is going to deliver any knock-out blow to Blair ( establishment reports never do). yougov reports that currently ,its 50/50 for Jeremy Corbyn among Labour members.Given the media this week, that is hardly surprising .
Plus ,expect all sorts of 'dirty tricks' from Blair & co.Along the way ....( "60,000 new members this week"...they wouldn't be reporting this if it was 'bad'news would they ...?)
 It is going to be a tough fight.But (whatever the result) Socialism Maintains.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Cath's Birthday today

So....we caught the train to   York.
 I,ve not been in that city for 20 years.
'Didn't realise today was Race Day! Very Busy!Lots of Drunken Tarts in daft hats& high heels...and that was just those Stockbroker blokes from Surrey   who ,somehow decided to share the train carriage with us........!
R.I.P.   Guy Clark     who died this week.........

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rustic fences & and sepia sheep.

A photo I took on   Saturday in   the  middle  of Halifax's 4    day International Street Market.
More images
 This is a sepia saturday post.My take on the theme is rustic rural fences & sheep.
As a child West Yorkshire sheep were  sepia due to all the pollution  from the  mill chimney smoke. Whenever   travelling, i could exactly  calibrate   distance from   home ,  by   the ever changing  shades in their fleece.   Essentially,Yorkshire sheep were the first SatNav's............

1994.My family's farm in  Poland.My Uncle Czeszek  with my son Chris (left):his grandchildren Marek & Mereck
2006: a photo taken by Chris on the Moors above Hebden Bridge.
1994:my photo of  Marek +chicken:Uncle Czeszek   with rustic fence behind......

We go out drinking in Mytholmroyd tonight.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

ßringing a painting into safety.

Bob Dylan: Live at the Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan; April 28, 2016.
 My Brother-in-Law Dave did the London Marathon last Sunday.
He remarked, with surprise,how many potholes they had in the roads since he ran the exact same route two years ago. 
I guess if you pound those streets each day you don't notice the decay. It takes a fresh pair of eyes& feet to notice change.
My take on this week's prompt ("bringing a painting into safety") is how do we rescue  from our collapsing world what we need to preserve ?ake  personal remains our own....
Sometimes that is harder than it sounds.Solid monuments might dissolve into sand & trickle through our fingers.........

This is a sepia saturday post.

Camille: Live at Studio 105, Maison de la Radio, Paris, May 30, 2005.