Thursday, April 16, 2015

4th july

SUFJAN STEVENS Live at the Academy of Music, Philadelphia, PA; April 9, 2015.
The show’s heart was reached with the brilliant “Fourth of July.” The simple and striking refrain of “We’re all gonna die” weighed mightily in the Academy’s aged depths. Images of childhood, sunset tranquility and abstractions filled the LCD panels ..........

Saturday, April 11, 2015

miscellaneous manchester

Well .We had planned to go by train to see the new Whitworth Art Gallery.
 But, on getting off the train, we needed to go for a piss,so nipped into The Royal Exchange Theatre to use their loos.
While in there, we heard they had cheap seats going for the Saturday Matinee
.So we had a spot of Tolstoy instead of going to The Whitworth (another day now i guess).
 We saw Anna Karenina.I dont know why..It;s not like she ever came to see us..........
 It is,of course,theatre-in-the-round & our cheap seats were right at the front on low benches, so we got to see it all up close.
Ive never seen the Boy Tolstoy before ,but i thought it rather good.
Fine acting & it was quite funky having a Afro-Caribbean Karenia.
I recommend it.Its on until 2nd May.
Above are some random photos I tookbefore & after.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

live at Zeppelinfeld, Nuremberg

My take on the theme this week is old posters.
This is a British Labour Party poster from 1948.
 If the Tory Party wins the UK General Election in May,it will sell off our free National Health Service.And turn it into a USA-style paying system.
Its as brutal as that.
It's important the Tories lose. 
For a fact ,if Labour don't get in power I will lose my public sector  job.Really.It's as personal to me,as that...........
This is a sepia saturday post.

Went Indian Mealing in Hebden Bridge's Eastern Spice tonight. 
With Bob:Noj,John .Jim & Ken.Hurray!
Bob Dylan:Live at the Zeppelinfeld, Nuremberg, Germany; July 1, 1978. The show is imbued with additional meaning since the Zeppelinfeld was constructed in the ’30s and was the site for the Nazi Party rallies between 1933 and 1938 and can be seen in the film Triumph Of The Will. That a Jewish artist such as Bob Dylan preformed there 40 years later provides a special irony for the setting.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Saint John The Baptist In The Wilderness: Cragg Vale,West Yorkshire.

Me & Cath took these photos today.
Child labour became the norm. Now began the mill owners infamous abuses. At one time or another from 1740 to the early 20th Century there have existed around 11 mills in Cragg. Turvin, Victoria, and Pepper Bank mills on Turvin Brook; Marshaw (opposite the Hinchliffe Arms) with New and Vale mills in Withens Clough. Next down Elphin Brook were Castle, Paper (opposite the Robin Hood Inn), Cragg, Hoo Hole, and Scar Bottom mill (Mytholmroyd).
By the 1820s these were no place for any decent human, let alone the children of the poor. "If there is one place in England that needed legislative interference it is this place; for they work 15 and 16 hours a day frequently, and sometimes all night. Oh! it is a murderous system and the mill owners are the pest and disgrace of society..!"
 It is on record that children died at their work in the mills of Cragg. Died from long hours and harsh treatments handed out. While the mill owners William Greenwood ('Old Billy Hard Times') and the Hinchliffe family amassed their fortunes. It took the 1833 factory act just to begin to address the appalling abuse of child labour and workers

Friday, April 03, 2015

The British General Election.

May 7th :Vote Labour in England & Wales .Vote S.N.P in Scotland.(Dont vote D.U.P .in the 6 Counties.) Hurray!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Say A Little Prayer.

 Drinks around Halifax tonight.With Phil& Ken .Mostly in Dirty Dicks (Halifax Town were at home to Gateshead) My compacts are being repaired so a bit of improvision with the images.So it goes...... Thank You My Friends XX

Friday, March 20, 2015

deadmen at the shakespeare hotel

[i took this image last May inside the Lewins pub in Halifax.]
This is a Sepia Saturday post.

 I left school aged 15 in 1967.I did a lot of under- age drinking from that age (legally ,in UK, its 18).
The pubs in Halifax i drank in were still very old traditional male-dominated affairs.
 One of my earlier childhood memories is being a toddler, walking near Ramsdens Brewery (a couple of hundred yards from our home on Savile Crescent )
I vividly remember holding my mam's hand as we walked passed its busy main gate.She was teatotal.What she thought of the strong smell of hops &the clatter of the dray horses i dont know.....
. ( n.b.The site was knocked down in the 70s to build new Headquarters for The Halifax Building Society .Such is life.A change Im sure my Mam approved of!)
In 1967 Halifax still had 3 breweries.Ramsdens.Whitakers and (i guess the most famous) Websters.All now long gone.
a 1928 meeting of The Halifax Henpecked-Husbands

How me & my schoolmates ,all just 15 ,often in school uniforms minus ties,(including Phil the x-Fireman :63 this  Sunday!) managed to be served .is a mystery to  me.
I  was a young -looking lad for my age anyway
.But those times were different.More simple,I guess.I only ever remember being refused service once in the several pubs we regularly drank in (i think an average of  3 times a week by 1968 is a fair estimate).
Lewins,as it looks today.
One of the pubs was Lewins on Bull Green. Originally because of the beer shortage during World War I, women were barred from it until as late as 1969  (I guess they just forgot that war had ever ended......!)
.It holds  the record of being the last pub in England to refuse women  customers .
[Although they let women serve .Hurray!]
In 1967 I remember sawdust on the floor: spittoons & beer at 1 shilling & 7 & a half penny. And it tasted like honey ( i found beer never tasted as good when it became legal !)
 Another of our pubs was The Shakespeare Hotel near the railway station.That's where this week's photo is taken.
it's a few years before I entered the picture..judging by the style, I guess late 50's or early 60's? I dont know any of the characters here,but they look fairly typical of the men who tolerated my younger self. God Bless 'em All!Where are they now.....probably in Jesus's Snug?I hope so.
Last Orders! Time Gentlemen Please.........Haven't You Got Homes To Go To?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rochdale Library : Young Fathers : 14th March 2015

"inside i feel dirty;it's only cos i'm hurting........" i took this video & these other  images , in Rochdale Library watching Young Fathers.
 [4;05 into this video ],watch extraordinary moves. Physical poetry & voodoo combined. As i say, extra-ordinary!

Friday, March 06, 2015

. Melange:

Who knows what's happening? Some kind of Beauty Parade? Some dancing competition? Whatever..... Looks like the ship's captain is showing the lass in the blue frock the door /the plank?

This is a sepia saturday post.

All I know.This image is from the late 50's.
A cruise somewhere.I found it on the site .
It shares Kodachrome slides and suchlike.Many found unloved in carboots.
 I love the clarity & vivid colours these contain.
Somewhere  below is a slideshow  of  photos from today,s night in Halifax with Phil The X Fireman & Ken .
Ken [beard]is a friend of George ,a member of The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

i was thinking about the world's biggest necklace

Me & Cath & Martin went to see this fine play in Manchester yesterday.... Read About The Scuttlers here. Me & Cath see Young Fathers In Rochdale Library next month.

Young Fathers - "LOW" from Ninja Tune on Vimeo.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Old Friends ßookends

ßlimey,another Valentines Day...!
You know,my Dad was born on this day (& died on a Boxing Day) 
Strange to think he would be 98 now, had he lived.
 I know no more than you do about love.Other than it is universal as much as it is personal?
And that the long applause at the end of this (or any) song is as important as the music before it. 
Imagine,  I only turned my head away in order he had  a greater area to kiss........
My Son Chris & Me :Zante 1991

Cathy my Missus & Me in a mirror on the Greek Island of Paros in 1987.
Cathy in Paros:the same year.
This is a Sepia Saturday post. 
Bob Dylan - Pretty Saro from Columbia Records on Vimeo.