Friday, July 03, 2015

the last bit of voice i have....

i went into Halifax on Thursday night.Had me a few drinks with Phil the x-Fireman & Comrade Ken.Hurrah!
 PATTI SMITH Live at Glastonbury, Pyramid Stage, Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK; June 28, 2015. Very good audio, extracted from webcast........

Friday, June 26, 2015

Zy plays a trick with his teeth

I admire this series of photographs from the Hotel Austerity.

Brian the Poet .
This week's sepia saturday is around "hotels".
Me &Cathy went to Bury Met with Don & Margaret to see Robin & Bina  Williamson play
.[Robin is ex-Incredible String Band.]
 I love the music.
 Robin has a refreshing lack of Ego & a grand sense of humour.
He comes from Portobello  , just outside Edinburgh..where my Mam came from.
In one or two of these photos i fancy he looks a  little  like me.........Something genetic :)?
Here are some of my photos from day (unfortunately,my audio recorded didnt work..I would have like to have  shared their music here   tonight ...but some fine pix none the less)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"its not always like what we see on the surface......" (quote from the dvd)

Wisconsin Death Trip

By sheer chance on Saturday night (2oth June) i sat down to watch the dvd Wisconsin Death Trip .
The visual motif that  punctuates the film  throughout  is that of the local newspaper Editor  typing out his news reports. .....
[I got this film out from Hebden Bridge Library.Part  of their current "American Gothic" promotion]
At the same time,i borrowed the book of the same name..
it's stuffed full of glorious sepia photos.Something of a Sepians Bible .

Tricky one this. Sepia Saturday this week has the topic of "typewriters"
. I have no photos of them.....
 .I suppose in the those olden ,sepia, days folk were more economical with their film.? Typewriters were ubiquitous & we thought they would live  forever.We thought them immortal as we were .....ha! fools, little did we know........
 The nearest I have is this photo taken in my late-20th century office in Halifax with my work colleague  Calla.
I like Calla, she is my type of woman.......

See other sepia saturday  posts {here}

Finally.check out the ever excellent lost gallery blogspot for gallons of sepia typewriters......

And the sheer bonkersness of Wisconsin Death Trip makes me think of similarity with this photo of my grandparents life in Saranac ,New York State. see more here

Thursday, June 11, 2015

ßeñeath the southern cross

 More developments since last week's post concerning my stable~ come~ £6000 Italian Ruin......
I found out this week that the 'mystery offer'comes from an Italian government/EU initiative to regenerate the region.(details below) .
It's a bit like a 'compulsory-purchase'.

Nominally , the price is negotiable .
However (because my & some other buildings  are rundown /that's why I got  it cheap in the first place) if i don't negotiate a selling price ,I will be ordered by the commune to bring it up to a certain (new) standard. This will be expensive.
Basically it's double or quits.
Which,realistically means that the cost would have to make it become my first & only home.
Now, even before any haggling, they seem to be offering me a fair price (just above what i paid  initially plus any legal costs involved in the
Take the money & run?
I,ve no idea yet what time deadlines are involved.....
 ....... it does feel a bit like selling a dream.
I always suspected the area had potential.I guess it will have to develop without me.
A shame.
in other news....I booked tickets to see Simone Felice at St.Michael's Church in Ancoats on 8th October ( Manchester's "Little Italy") {buy TICKETS}
Today Me Chris & Cath buried Chaz's Ashes in the Yorkshire sun above Hebden Bridge.
It felt like Italy a little..........

Wednesday, June 03, 2015


a For several years on this blog ( & in real life) I was telling everybody about my travels to Italy and the old ruined farmhouse -cum-stable I was buying cheap (£6000) and doing-up. *[READ THE BACKGROUND HERE* ] Recently its all gone very quiet,hasn't it.....!
 Its a long story .
I still own the property ,but was initially  badly advised by Hebden Bridge builder Mick Goggins.He didn't rip me off....he was just stupid & i never realized it at the time......
  The upshot was I got into all sorts of legal rangles with the local Italian village council
 What was initially  'cheap' turned into something 'expensive'
 Rather than do anything rash, I've put the whole thing on hold until i could  work out what to do next.......
Anyhow.A couple of things this week have woken me up.
Yesterday, in Mytholmroyd Co-Op, i saw  The Hebden Bridge Times  front page splash , about Nicholas Veron Stansfield getting sent to prison (again) for 41 months on  a drugs bust. (it was GBH last time..progress  of sorts...?)
A photo Chris took of Nick  in Sicily 3 years ago.
Nick is a big pal of Mick Goggins. Mick, Nick & Chris went on a property hunting trip to Sicily 3 years ago.Nick also advised me on my house in Pennedomo.
I actually like Nick. He never did me any harm & talked more sense than Mick Goggins ( a strange bloke ) ever did.
i take Nick's conviction  as an Omen to get my finger out!
Then, today , I got a cash  offer from Italy for my property .
 Im half tempted to accept, but i may haggle..i may tease..i may even ask the property developer for a "part-exchange"on another Italian property........hey-hoy!It would be a shame that the fun ended yet! photos from my visit to Manchester on Tuesday with Cath ,Margaret & Don,seeing Robyn Hitchcock at The Band on The Wall.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

tits in space

Seen outside Manchester Library today. I thought it might be  a new statue  to mark the tomb of ' The Unknown Peodophile'?
 It was Cath's Birthday today.
We caught the train & went into Manchester this afternoon.
 Here are some photos from the afternoon. Mainly, we went to the Whitworth Art Gallery & later, Manchester Museum .
I must say,I was wasn't overly impressed with This new Whitworth.
It was OK.& it was a sunny  walk there.....but ,It's just re-opened after a £15 million makeover.Loads of media hype.Frankly ,I dont get it.What's all the fuss about?
I went to the 'old' Whitworth in 2008 just before it closed.So i could compare old&new .I really cant see the purpose.
OK it's bigger& brighter.But it still isn't a patch on Manchester Art Gallery. For such a modern interior, the content seemed oddly old & tired....The only things i thought worth the visit was the Park(which was essentially there before) & the Sarah Lucas room entitled "tits in space" (see my pictures).Great.But bloody expensive tits.........
After The Whitworth we walked to Manchester Museum .Again, somewhere i hadn't visited for years. That was better ! Plus i got the  chance to meet up with my old Cheshire mate Pete Marsh & his mummy......
 After Manchester ,we met up with Chris & had An Italian in Hebden Bridge. A nice day. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

love never came case  you didn't know,the Tories got in again.Britain is not happy.Mr Cameron has grounded us.Sent us to bed early,without our supper........It shall  end in tears........
Really ,the British election can be summed up quite easily.The Scots want to become more Scottish:the English want to become more American........
 Life, they tell  me, goes on.....So I went out in Hebden Bridge last night.
Its never happened before , but one of the people with us drinking throughout the night   is rather famous .(Listen to his music!)
Richard Bedford came drinking with us in the Fox&Goose & Railway Pubs!
We sat in the Railway  and Ken  said "is that you on the jukebox?".Richard said "yes".
You can see his photo below& above  if you look  ( and know your onions...}
Richard is a very lovely bloke.
A nice night. Hopefully we will do this again soon.
Richard Bedford:Official Website
We BOB DYLANt White Dove [Dandelion 083/84, 2CD] Live at the Irving Plaza, New York City, NY; December 8, 1997. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

the boy is dead, stop killing him.....

Should we mourn shadows.....?
My oldest friend Phil Thex-Fireman got the all-clear regarding his 10 month chemo& radiotherapy for throat cancer.
above a  few photos of  a night out we had in Hebden Bridge .
This is a sepia saturday post. 
A photo taken by my late Father-in-Law ,Brian.On Blackpool Beach in the 1950's. Of his son Martin ( who is very much alive today,working for our National Health Service,as a Cancer Consultant)
Regular readers here will remember me talk in the past about our ten year old cat Chaz. I am sad .We had to put him to sleep yesterday.
 An outdoor cat.He roamed the fields of Hebden Bridge & must have killed hundreds of mice,birds,rats,
voles& jesus knows what else  over the years.
I remember him killing a rabbit the same size as himself:half-eating it : leaving the remains under Chris's bed as a present.
OnThursday,me & Chris held him as the vet gave him the lethal injection.
As Chaz's  eyes closed for the last time ,i was hoping his victims were not lined up in heaven awaiting his arrival .......
I found the theatre & poetry surprisingly moving.
 When I worked as a 17 year old Nurse at Stansfield View Hospital ,Todmorden i remember laying a patient out. I was at  by my mother's death bed. I am an orphan boy who visited Aunt Brenda & her cancer. I had a prostrate cancer scare myself 5 years ago.
I'm feeling my age...preparing for eventually departure's not very rock and roll for a man my age to be mourning a cat's death. So Im surprised it even registered with me ,let alone giving it as the subject of a blog post.
Really ,in truth ,its not about Chaz at all ,but about another bit of life's  leaving.
it has given body to an  increasing vague fear of change...
 So!i am touched by Chaz's Thursday Sweet Surrender & grateful for the subtle shapes he threw in our lives.
When body's bricks crumble, 
don't wail
you've only been in a jail ....
i found this old video of Chaz,our beautiful cat .It seems youtube have removed the audio because they detected a Bob Dylan song in the background. No matter, i was talking bollocks anyway...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

4th july

Saturday, April 11, 2015

miscellaneous manchester

Well .We had planned to go by train to see the new Whitworth Art Gallery.
 But, on getting off the train, we needed to go for a piss,so nipped into The Royal Exchange Theatre to use their loos.
While in there, we heard they had cheap seats going for the Saturday Matinee
.So we had a spot of Tolstoy instead of going to The Whitworth (another day now i guess).
 We saw Anna Karenina.I dont know why..It;s not like she ever came to see us..........
 It is,of course,theatre-in-the-round & our cheap seats were right at the front on low benches, so we got to see it all up close.
Ive never seen the Boy Tolstoy before ,but i thought it rather good.
Fine acting & it was quite funky having a Afro-Caribbean Karenia.
I recommend it.Its on until 2nd May.
Above are some random photos I tookbefore & after.