Friday, October 02, 2015

Us & Them

Nothing happening here this week! Move Along!
my photos from London 2011 [here]
Hey!  I march in Manchester with Jeremy Corbyn on Sunday, with tens of thousands against the UK Tory government
Expect my photographs here later.
Also ,on Thursday next, me & Cathy & Capo Martin see the New York singer Simone Felice sing ,also in Manchester.Again,photos will appear here!
me in London in 2011 among 500,000 anti-government protesters.The band plays on.......

Friday, September 25, 2015

common ground

Everything is  good,
Me &
Cathy.went drinking in Hebden Bridge last night with Phil the x-Fireman&
Comrade Ken........
Phil& Cathy.
[*click* for all the night's images.....]
Phil's  looking SO Well!

He's put on weight&Tanned (just back from 2 weeks in Greece and an Infinity Pool).He has well& truly  fucked-off that throat cancer bastard.......
Meanwhile.Ken  has given up smoking.........

Friday, September 18, 2015

flags & bunting from some grimy republic.

This is a Sepia Saturday post.

My previous post here reports of my visit last Sunday night to Hope Baptist Church in Hebden Bridge .
I heard the political commentator & journalist Owen Jones speak.
 He talked about how we English are becoming disenfranchised from the  politics in our life.We  start  to believe poverty ,hunger& unemployment etc are all'Acts of God' .Inevitable ...just like the rain outside......
 As it happens, the BBC are filming a new series of Happy Valley at the moment ,in Hebden Bridge.
Two nights ago, on the street that I work, they were filming this scene.
Given the nature of Yorkshire weather,dig the irony.It wasn't raining,so they had to use artificial rain!

As a Halifax child of the 50's, I remember during our Wakes Week some people , not themselves away on holiday, would climb to the top of Beacon Hill to admire the view.
 We live in a beautiful place.During Wakes Wake all the factories shutdown spewing smoke,so it was the only time you could  see the beauty!
The photos I share here show plenty of washing-lines.All those white clothes! How did they keep'em clean within the smoke & rain?
To me,the clean washing look not like white flags of surrender ,but  defiance .
 I believe we see the same defiance in the works today of Jeremy Corbyn & that fine American Bernie Sanders.( a tad strained link....but there you go!)
Incidentally,Mr Sanders name was respectfully mentioned several times at the  church on Sunday



I must admit,i cringed a little when i saw this on the telly live.('seemed a little bit too "Bono" for my taste ) But I agree with the sentiment , and it does make for a cracking end to this post.....
. Although!This is a Beautiful Englishman singing the song to its best
.Everytime i hear Robert Wyatt's voice ,i sort of roll myself  into a ball & weep's so beautiful in my humble opinion.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Owen Jones talk at Hope Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge

Something is happening and you do know what it is.................

This evening I attended a talk given by Owen Jones
at Hope Baptist Church in Hebden Bridge.The pews were packed .
I took these photos.
We have a bit more hope in Blighty this weekend ,given the election of a new socialist leader of the Labour Party ,Mr Jeremy Corbyn.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Ken's 63rd Birthday drinks in Halifax.

See All The Photos{ here}

Thursday, September 03, 2015

The Lost Workers

View All The Photos HERE

Me & Cathy went walking around  & inside Dean Clough 
this afternoon.It 's huge.Half a mile long, with 1,250,000 square feet 116,000 m of floorspace.
Built between 1820 & 1840.
Of course, me being born in Halifax,i have known of it all my life .In the 1950's my Dad worked in the Carpet Mill there .( Crossleys Carpets)
Although I have been to the gym there:visited the Council Offices there.etc I have never looked around the rest of it.Art Galleries.Theatre;etc 
I went today to find out more about an Installation there called "The Lost Workers"
Created by the French artist Christian Boltanski.
its not open to the public. You can only visit by prior appointment and ,even then, "under supervision".I met with the curator.We arranged a date for my visit & permission for me to take photos of it.

The blurb describes it in  a basement in E Mill." containing 30 large cardboard boxes.located on filing shelves.each box relates to a previous employee of Crossley's Carpets and contains one of their personal items (sometimes a photograph) that have been supplied by a relative..."
[Expect a future post about this visit!]
Another basement contains "an Aladdin's Cave of old cinema equipment".Also not open generally.It's recently moved from Bletchley Park.[Also a future visit i will have to arrange.]
Details about it here
Saying all that,we did see plenty else today.
Several Art & Photography exhibitions and suchlike.
I spent some time outside trying to take a few snaps to indicate the scale of it all.An old bloke in blue overall came up to me while i was taking my pictures.I explained my problem to him ."It's just too bloody big to capture!"
"Follow me! "he insisted.
He took us back inside.Into a backroom.He showed us a Lego Model of Dean Clough a couple of artists were constructing (still bloody big!1:40 scale i was told)
A smashing fellow.He had worked in the Mill when it still manufactured carpets.He ,at least, did not seem lost........
who knows?Maybe a generation from now, some artist will create a Lego model of  " Calderdale Council." ? We can only hope......
Cathy in Dean Clough.

Sorry.I no longer know the details of the Gillian Welch +David Rawlins track below...
.it's just something that's been rattling around my computer for some time.
All I know.It's live & it's unreleased...
visit {Here.} to see my photos in the basement.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Keep moving,they might be stock taking.............

The Beatles always remind me of childhood trips to the coast.............

The Gentle Author &   Cathy   in Southport. yesterday....
I got confirmation thru this week that my Italian buyers had agreed my price for the property in Abruzzo. Their cheque will be sent to the solicitor in Italy next week.He then  holds onto until the formal meeting which will be in a couple of months(!).
I had originally thought of going over there this week (I had booked leave for that purpose ) But the Italians are lazy buggers (my solicitor had been on holiday ALL this month...& was out of contact)
 So ,instead, we used the time travelling around the North of England instead.
 North Yorkshire & Harrogate Turkish Baths.

Derbyshire.Glossop & Buxton .('never been to Buxton before...)I had also wanted to see Arbor Low "The North's Stonhendge"but ,for "technical reasons'(i.e. I got totally lost!) we didnt find it.Maybe another time.......
 Disley & Stockport in Cheshire to visit friends.
The Fylde Coast .e.g. Southport .I must be getting old but i really liked the place.I can particularly recommended The Atkinson .A splendid hub of a place on the main drag.Museum:Art Gallery: Cinema :Cafe :Concert Hall etc etc.
We also visited Another Place Antony Gormley's Art Installation on Crosby Beach.I found it magnificent! My photos just cannot give any idea of the scale of it all. The work consists of cast iron figures which face out to sea, spread over a 2 mile (3.2 km) stretch of the beach between Waterloo and Blundellsands.
Another Place.

100 figures.Each one is 189 cm tall (nearly 6 feet 2½ inches) and weighs around 650 kg (over 1400 lb). Many of these figures were cast at Hargreaves Foundry in Halifax.
There was some talk of moving them to New York,but i think Crosby have decided to keep them permanently.

just visit my smugmug album here for all my splendid photos.


Monday, August 24, 2015

out of the blue

Out of the blue,smugmug , who host my photos, have removed it's option of allowing me to  display series of  photos on this (or any other!)blog/website.
Maybe there is a (free) alternative somewhere?
 I will look.
 In between time .I guess i will just have to give you this goodold 20th century   manual link to my new  few photos from the  weekend.
Ken's Garden.

{update:}i just found this free alternative:but it's limited to only 25 images per slideshow.It does annoy me that smugmug have done this, given that i pay for them storing my images.The trouble is, I store thousands of my images with them.It would be a real faff to have to move them somewhere else.