Monday, June 22, 2020

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Ken's 85th Birthday

I took part in my first ever ZOOM Conference tonight.
It was to mark the 85th birthday of Ken who was the Head Warden of Carter Lane YHA Hostel in St Pauls ,City of London.
 I worked there in 1971.
 I must admit i find these  video conferences a bit weird .Especially this one, as I only knew a couple of people .A bit like attending a School Reunion with people I didn't go to school with.....
Still ,nice to see & hear Ken who looks & sounds remakably agile.

Monday, June 15, 2020

in the woods today, below King David's house.

Please read"The Gallows Pole" 
The story of 'King David'  and the Yorkshire Clearances.
We did  it to ourselves well before we did to others...

Below a slideshow of all the images I have taken over 3 months during Covid.
These images begin on March 13 th in Bury at the last live gig I went to ( with Don & Margaret) 
.....and up to today's photos.
 I'm not sure what they show, other than my obsessive nature .Make of them what you will. If you cant be arsed watching, instead, here: is a fixed link to the whole Circus.

Cath's Birthday