Monday, July 08, 2019

yoko,todmorden fish, doggerland & turkish bath.....

I'm as cynical as the next bloke.
 But I must say I was really 'moved' in Manchester on Thursday .
We attended Yoko Ono's "Bell For Peace' in Manchester Cathedral Garden. Just yards from the Arena Bombings.
Thousands of us people stood together  singing "Give Peace A Chance"
 It might be 'hippy shit' But it's better than 'Boris Shit' or 'Tommy Robinson shit' or 'Nigel Farage shit' .Non?
I think we are simply weary...?

So  ,here are some (infact most) of my photos from the past 7 days.
If you cant be arsed sitting thru this slideshow, click here.....

Cath's Birthday