Friday, September 18, 2015

flags & bunting from some grimy republic

I am nearly 65. Yorkshire Born & Bred! I was brought up in Halifax in the 50/60/70's . I always throught it "a grimy republic" . I love the place, but i still think it dark.......
(n.b. all photos below are NOT B.H.'s )
Halifax.(origin unknown)

Although ,a case in point, clickthis Martin Parr photograph of Old Halifaxto see a photo  very similar to some of B.H.'s photos. Now Martin Parr    is probably my favourite English photographer. Remember ,me & Cath went to his curated exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery recently.I beg to suggest that several of B.H. 's unseen photos stand comparison with Parr's?
n.b. I wrote  this very brief overview
of Martin's work.  
This is a Sepia Saturday post.

My previous post here reports of my visit last Sunday night to Hope Baptist Church in Hebden Bridge .
I heard the political commentator & journalist Owen Jones speak.
 He talked about how we English are becoming disenfranchised from the  politics in our life.We  start  to believe poverty ,hunger& unemployment etc are all'Acts of God' .Inevitable ...just like the rain outside......
 As it happens, the BBC are filming a new series of Happy Valley at the moment ,in Hebden Bridge.
Two nights ago, on the street that I work, they were filming this scene.
Given the nature of Yorkshire weather,dig the irony.It wasn't raining,so they had to use artificial rain!

As a Halifax child of the 50's, I remember during our Wakes Week some people , not themselves away on holiday, would climb to the top of Beacon Hill to admire the view.
 We live in a beautiful place.During Wakes Wake all the factories shutdown spewing smoke,so it was the only time you could  see the beauty!
The photos I share here show plenty of washing-lines.All those white clothes! How did they keep'em clean within the smoke & rain?
To me,the clean washing look not like white flags of surrender ,but  defiance .
 I believe we see the same defiance in the works today of Jeremy Corbyn & that fine American Bernie Sanders.( a tad strained link....but there you go!)
Incidentally,Mr Sanders name was respectfully mentioned several times at the  church on Sunday


I must admit,i cringed a little when i saw this on the telly live.('seemed a little bit too "Bono" for my taste ) But I agree with the sentiment , and it does make for a cracking end to this post.....
. Although!This is a Beautiful Englishman singing the song to its best
.Everytime i hear Robert Wyatt's voice ,i sort of roll myself  into a ball & weep's so beautiful in my humble opinion.

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