Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mum & Dad.

It's a paradox.I,ve been posting quite a bit recently.I was going to visit & comment  on your blogs......(I have a backlog).Do you find that visiting & commenting takes up more time than actually creating your own posts?Anyway, I had set aside this Saturday morning to do this l.However, a charming roofer from Bradford came this morning  at check a leak.He was straight out of Last Of The Summer Wine!Soooo.....he was chatting for 3 hours & the morning has gone!
Me & Cathy are off to Manchester this afternoon & staying-over until Sunday ( It's Don & Margarets Silver Wedding gig).I will try & catch up on my return.
Next week I visit Bob in Bacup to help him set up his own blogspot.Also on Wednesday I stop over at Steve's in Shaw......a pissup in Royton!
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This is a captured still from an 8mm film.It was taken in Poland in 1965.
My Dad had been away from his home village since WW2 ,25 years previously.
My Grandma was dying.He had come home to see her for the last time.
In this photo he is pointing out to my Mum a stream he used to play in as a child.