Saturday, May 29, 2021

Postscripts # 1 & 2

An hour after my last post : my "Fast Tracked 14 days" appointment cancelled...... In theory I have a legal right to being seen within 14 days. The deadline for that would be next Friday ( the 4th June )

Plus my blood results now online. 4 out of 5 ok .but the other one not so (see details)

 Maybe my invisible GP will translate eventually.......? Weekend & Bank Holiday means nobody to talk to about it until Tuesday ...providing I can get past the receptionist!

Maybe I will post on facebook and ask "Is There A Doctor In The House" ?

Anyway...... I bought some Vit D tablets this evening . I'm thinking "Thyroids" ?

Leeds and next week's hospital visit

I went with Chris into Leeds yesterday. He had a meeting there .While he was in it, I had time to kill ,so I wandered around Holbeck ( not a place I know) and took these photos.

I had my bloods tested on Thursday.

I go to hospital next Wednesday :"fast track" urgent referred..."to rule out the possibility of ......" the letter said   I still havn't seen ,or even spoken to my GP .All I've had has been a 5 minute face-to face with a Practice Nurse ..and the hospital appointment was made before bloods were even taken. I honestly do not know what to think ....or how to think it !

A rather existentially nervous weekend for me!

Maybe ( probably!) I will feel differently about it next week. But at present I feel  abandoned by my GP's . No doubt they are doing a grand job of box-ticking (quick referal etc) but it feels like they are just washing their hands of me....... it would have been nice to have had a human voice to explain events.....

 Adding insult, it  feels automated & impersonal. For example I have had two automatic text messages sent me this week that have been contradictory & inaccurate. So i spend my time talking to receptionists about their mistakes rather than my feelings .

But ,on the issue itself, there is silence. ! " Holistic Medicine" is so " 20th Century" it seems......


Friday, May 21, 2021

The Dreaming Room.


After month's of very little , suddenly all sorts of stuff has been happening these past days...

 ◙   It was Cath's Birthday today.

 ◙  I had my second Covid jab on Wednesday.

◙    I have also seen the Practice Nurse at my GP's about a goiter-type thingy on my neck.

 ◙   I am having blood tests next week and the week after  ( 2nd June) I have a 30 minute  appointment at the EN&T Department at Calderdale Royal Hospital  . I'm thinking...maybe even hoping, it's 'just' a thyroid affair...I mean it's not hurting or any other symptoms...I only went to the GP because of the vanity of how it looked..saying that , i have felt  a bit ' rundown ', but that's about it.

◙    The day afterwards ,Thursday 3rd June, i have booked a session at  Harrogate Turkish Baths . My first sweat in 15 months!

◙    On Friday 4th June I go to this gig ( again my first since covid lockdown) .It's run by Richard Walker , who i used to work with at Calderdale MBC,

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Hebden Bridge Today. 

The manoeuvres look the same to me........and also throw The Warsaw Ghetto in, just for good measure... 

(one of Roger's fine photos)

Sauna in Mytholmroyd