Tuesday, July 31, 2018

leave no trace

For my 66th birthday, Me Cath & Chris went into Manchester.
 We had a meal at  Marble Arch on Rochdale Road (they have created a rather cool beer garden since the last time i visited) . Later, we went onto  to see Leave No Trace
at https://homemcr.org/
A story of lost tribes.

Matthew Zimnoch in Pennsylvania is
a freelance trombonist, a classically trained baritone (vocalist), composer, music director and band leader.
Today he sent me this audio for my birthday & to be included on this post.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

they dont dance like carmen no more.......

we raised a glass to IP —Malaysia: meanwhile....................
Tony T. from the Rochdale Hamam
here , at the begining of the month, I talked about plans to attend the 50th Anniversary of Carter Lane Youth Hostel in London where I used to work.(the old Choirboys School opposite St Pauls Cathedral)
Unfortunately, my son Chris was taken ill while we were in North Wales last week.I thought it best not to travel to London at the weekend.......
A coincidence.One of the blokes who organised the London event  was  Brian Charlton who worked there at the same time as me.
He now owns a Post Office near Newborough Beach in North Wales.
 He invited us down next time we travel to Wales (we do seem to be going there a lot at the moment...dont we..)

 We went for a meal at the Border Rose in Walsden on Thursday night. various tribes from Halifax,Bacup & Halifax.....
photos= https://zimnoch.smugmug.com/The-Border-Rose-19th-July-2018/

Friday, July 13, 2018

Donald Trump

"come and play with us Danny......... for ever and ever and ever............."

Thursday, July 12, 2018

my father was a lighthouse keeper......

you can see my week's photos here:

I have mentioned here before that ,on my Family Tree ,I am related to the writer Robert Louis Stevenson. 
His father, Robert designed over 30 lighthouses.
 Here we are at South Stack ,Angelsey, yesterday.
"...Books may nurture the soul but lighthouses save lives.."[read more] 

Jimmy Buffett:Record Plant Sausalito, October 18, 1974. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Buffett

Sunday, July 01, 2018

I'm chasing shadows in the gallows

the above audio is from The Grateful Dead in 1969. Rolling Stone say it's one of their best ever gigs.
 Dream Bowl, Vallejo, California
February 22nd, 1969
 That's good enough for me ! I've been in a Dead State of Mind this past hot week . Track two is especially beautiful.
 I have been looking into my plans for travel to London for this: event in London in a couple of weeks time (the same weekend Trump comes to town!).
 Its at the youth hostel I worked in 1971-1972 in the City of London.Opposite St Paul's .Read about my mispelt  youth here:
 (I have been in touch with  Clive, in the hope of a meetup that weekend?)