Saturday, April 03, 2021

Hells Angel of The North

 Today,this biker in Hebden Bridge had just been moved on by a Traffic Warden for parking in a dangerous
place.and  he saw me taking photos of that exchange.

So, seconds later, he aimed his machine
at me.(Nearly got my toes seconds after this photo was taken ! )

"Social Distancing"is a thing of the past!

audio is Polly Harvey in 2000.



In other news, I left the Labour Party last  May.(12 months ago I had an email from The Labour Party saying I was "under investigation":n.b. I wasn't suspended, but the treat was there. As I given so much time to the party over recent years it felt like a slap in the face . So I jumped, rather than waiting to be pushed)

 Today ,I  dislike Starmer more than Johnson . I certainly will not be voting Labour in the coming  local elections and I am seriously thinking of joining this lot instead with a view to 2024. . 

I have voted Labour in EVERY local & national election  on for 50 years . That it has come to this is incredible. (is this  how Labour lost Scotland?) So Sad. I don't really take any pride in the situation .

The Northern Independence Party (NIP) are mentioned in The Guardian today.True a Corbyn -fashion.but , it turns out, maybe Starmer's bastard child? .....

Strange Days.........