Saturday, April 17, 2021

This week : a haircut, some gyms & swims , and a Manifesto !

A Todmorden Bookshop


Audio: Jerry Jeff Walker : Texas 1991 

As I have already said here , I am no longer in The Labour Party . 

I am , currently, much taken with the new Northern Independence Party .

 How they  pan out is unclear. It's very early days. 

They only have 5 candidates standing in the coming local elections ,plus Thelma Walker the former Labour MP for Colne Valley, who is standing for them in the Hartlepool by-election .( who will be lucky not to lose her deposit)

They are (like me) Corbyn Refugees .Socialists. I can't fault their logic. I hope they establish themselves and ( at the very least) give the Starmeristas a sharp nudge and stand candidates in every Northen seat ( they even talking of standing a candidate in Holborn , Starmer's seat)

Anyway ,its a long-term thing .Much will change before 2024 

They pubished their Manifesto this week.Read it  here .Personally, I can find no fault here

Newcastle ,during the minute silence for Prince Philip.

Thelma Walker campaigning in Hartlepool this week.

Thelma's CV

Saturday, April 03, 2021

Hells Angel of The North

 Today,this biker in Hebden Bridge had just been moved on by a Traffic Warden for parking in a dangerous
place.and  he saw me taking photos of that exchange.

So, seconds later, he aimed his machine
at me.(Nearly got my toes seconds after this photo was taken ! )

"Social Distancing"is a thing of the past!

audio is Polly Harvey in 2000.



In other news, I left the Labour Party last  May.(12 months ago I had an email from The Labour Party saying I was "under investigation":n.b. I wasn't suspended, but the treat was there. As I given so much time to the party over recent years it felt like a slap in the face . So I jumped, rather than waiting to be pushed)

 Today ,I  dislike Starmer more than Johnson . I certainly will not be voting Labour in the coming  local elections and I am seriously thinking of joining this lot instead with a view to 2024. . 

I have voted Labour in EVERY local & national election  on for 50 years . That it has come to this is incredible. (is this  how Labour lost Scotland?) So Sad. I don't really take any pride in the situation .

The Northern Independence Party (NIP) are mentioned in The Guardian today.True a Corbyn -fashion.but , it turns out, maybe Starmer's bastard child? .....

Strange Days.........


Sauna in Mytholmroyd