Saturday, April 17, 2021

This week : a haircut, some gyms & swims , and a Manifesto !

A Todmorden Bookshop


Audio: Jerry Jeff Walker : Texas 1991 

As I have already said here , I am no longer in The Labour Party . 

I am , currently, much taken with the new Northern Independence Party .

 How they  pan out is unclear. It's very early days. 

They only have 5 candidates standing in the coming local elections ,plus Thelma Walker the former Labour MP for Colne Valley, who is standing for them in the Hartlepool by-election .( who will be lucky not to lose her deposit)

They are (like me) Corbyn Refugees .Socialists. I can't fault their logic. I hope they establish themselves and ( at the very least) give the Starmeristas a sharp nudge and stand candidates in every Northen seat ( they even talking of standing a candidate in Holborn , Starmer's seat)

Anyway ,its a long-term thing .Much will change before 2024 

They pubished their Manifesto this week.Read it  here .Personally, I can find no fault here

Newcastle ,during the minute silence for Prince Philip.

Thelma Walker campaigning in Hartlepool this week.

Thelma's CV

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