Friday, July 28, 2017

you have made a happy man very old............

Hebden  Bridge: 1920's

I took myself to Bacup today. I visited are some photos I took.Lovely bloke

So the  sepia saturday theme this week is "bridge"
As I was in Hebden Bridge this weekend. How could I resist? 
I turn 65 on Sunday.
(I retire from work-again!in  the middle of August.)
I keep checking my mirror.My skin is already  turning it goes.......

Friday, July 21, 2017

people say believe half of what you see

Had me  a long talk with Norman Perry.I told him about how I used to live & work in the East End of London.what a nice bloke.
He seemed interested in me,as person,rather than some sort of voodoo doll.Refreshing  to find a willingness to  engagement from someone in a pub band, rather than they expecting me just being  some sort of 'extra' in their  vanity    project......

I went into Halifax with Comrade Ken& Phil the Ex-Fireman.
We went to The Upper George Pub .

i am hoping to go to this.Expect photos.

Cath's Birthday