Friday, September 18, 2020

pressure drop

This is a Sepia Saturday post; to see other posts , click here Posting colourised images onto onto "Sepia Saturday" is a bit like Dylan going electric?! "Judas" :)



Some more old family photos I uploaded&coloured this week.
Some are of me & my brother Zyg as kids .Plus my Mum & Dad and Aunt Brenda..
Also a couple of Polish Funerals from the 1960's.
Although my Dad arrived in England during the war ( and joined the Polish Free Air Force Battle of Arnhem et al) , he never got an English passport. And because he deserted the Soviet Army ,early in the war, he was afraid,if he ever went home ,the Polish Communist Government might arrest him.
So ,apart from one visit back in 1965 to see his dying mum ( I was with him when we visited her in hospital:the only time I ever met my Grandma)
As a result, his only contact with the family was by letter. As the years rolled on, he/we recieved photos of funerals. His only contact with a past life......
Here are two examples of family funeral he couldn't attend in person.....
it's maybe why I ,in turn,was also attracted to photography.See the 12 colourised photos here:

A photo of me this week in Hebden Bridge with my Sauna/Swimming buddy Haley.A top published London author (non fiction:Asperger) and very nice lass. See all my week's photos here

Friday, September 11, 2020

I Shall Be Unleashed

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I told my brother Zyg that I was uploading   these:
old,but newly,coloured old family photos.

 He gave his blessing."Why should I be bothered? I have nothing to hide" he said.

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

A coloured widow in South Parade Halifax 1967


I've been full of Cold/Flu:staying much indoors.Sleeping endlessly .....anyway it's given me time to upload & colour more old family photos.You can see them all here  

And they are all still on display on the slideshow in  the previous post.

One bit of good news.Todmorden Pool reopens on the 9th September.Hurray! Conversely.... 




Saturday, August 22, 2020

I've started colouring 100's of my Family photos! 

My Grandfather took these shots at the Lake Saranac "Winter Festival" in 1902 in upstate New York.

He lived and worked there for a couple of years with my Aunt Brenda.

(n.b.The audio at the moment is Jackson Browne)

The family rumour was that  my grandfather spent some of his time   in The States "Prospecting for gold". I really don't know about that! (sounds like bollocks to me!) But who knows? 

Uncertainty being something of a family  tradition.....

He later became a Barber in Fife:became  a Tory Councillor:joined the merchant navy and is buried in Malta.He died in 1953. He saw me once when I was a baby. So anything is possible!

All new ones will be added to this slideshow when i have processed them.Check back frequently!

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Krumlin 1970

You can even buy this new book with a foreword from Brian Highley :

Brian Highley Bio. (Festival Organiser & interviewed in this clip)


I went to this! Aged 18. I was working as a Student Nurse at Stansfield View Hospital in Todmorden..(must have had the weekend off). Still living with my Mum & Dad in Halifax. £3 for a weekend ticket. A bit of a shambles, but I had nothing to compare it with, so I was happy as a pig in shit!

My head was full of Friendz & OZ Magazines. Timothy Leary & Co. 8 months later I had jacked in my nurse training and gone to live & work in London (St Pauls Youth Hostel)

Highlights for me was listening to Sandy Denny singing and (god help me ) Elton John.


That handbill wasn't 'who' actually appeared here is a list of who finally took the stage....