Friday, June 26, 2015

Zy plays a trick with his teeth

I admire this series of photographs from the Hotel Austerity.

Brian the Poet .
This week's sepia saturday is around "hotels".
Me &Cathy went to Bury Met with Don & Margaret to see Robin & Bina  Williamson play
.[Robin is ex-Incredible String Band.]
 I love the music.
 Robin has a refreshing lack of Ego & a grand sense of humour.
He comes from Portobello  , just outside Edinburgh..where my Mam came from.
In one or two of these photos i fancy he looks a  little  like me.........Something genetic :)?
Here are some of my photos from day (unfortunately,my audio recorded didnt work..I would have like to have  shared their music here   tonight ...but some fine pix none the less)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"its not always like what we see on the surface......" (quote from the dvd)

Wisconsin Death Trip

By sheer chance on Saturday night (2oth June) i sat down to watch the dvd Wisconsin Death Trip .
The visual motif that  punctuates the film  throughout  is that of the local newspaper Editor  typing out his news reports. .....
[I got this film out from Hebden Bridge Library.Part  of their current "American Gothic" promotion]
At the same time,i borrowed the book of the same name..
it's stuffed full of glorious sepia photos.Something of a Sepians Bible .

Tricky one this. Sepia Saturday this week has the topic of "typewriters"
. I have no photos of them.....
 .I suppose in the those olden ,sepia, days folk were more economical with their film.? Typewriters were ubiquitous & we thought they would live  forever.We thought them immortal as we were .....ha! fools, little did we know........
 The nearest I have is this photo taken in my late-20th century office in Halifax with my work colleague  Calla.
I like Calla, she is my type of woman.......

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Finally.check out the ever excellent lost gallery blogspot for gallons of sepia typewriters......

And the sheer bonkersness of Wisconsin Death Trip makes me think of similarity with this photo of my grandparents life in Saranac ,New York State. see more here

Thursday, June 11, 2015

ßeñeath the southern cross

 More developments since last week's post concerning my stable~ come~ £6000 Italian Ruin......
I found out this week that the 'mystery offer'comes from an Italian government/EU initiative to regenerate the region.(details below) .
It's a bit like a 'compulsory-purchase'.

Nominally , the price is negotiable .
However (because my & some other buildings  are rundown /that's why I got  it cheap in the first place) if i don't negotiate a selling price ,I will be ordered by the commune to bring it up to a certain (new) standard. This will be expensive.
Basically it's double or quits.
Which,realistically means that the cost would have to make it become my first & only home.
Now, even before any haggling, they seem to be offering me a fair price (just above what i paid  initially plus any legal costs involved in the
Take the money & run?
I,ve no idea yet what time deadlines are involved.....
 ....... it does feel a bit like selling a dream.
I always suspected the area had potential.I guess it will have to develop without me.
A shame.
in other news....I booked tickets to see Simone Felice at St.Michael's Church in Ancoats on 8th October ( Manchester's "Little Italy") {buy TICKETS}
Today Me Chris & Cath buried Chaz's Ashes in the Yorkshire sun above Hebden Bridge.
It felt like Italy a little..........

Cath's Birthday