Friday, June 26, 2015

Zy plays a trick with his teeth

I admire this series of photographs from the Hotel Austerity.

Brian the Poet .
This week's sepia saturday is around "hotels".
Me &Cathy went to Bury Met with Don & Margaret to see Robin & Bina  Williamson play
.[Robin is ex-Incredible String Band.]
 I love the music.
 Robin has a refreshing lack of Ego & a grand sense of humour.
He comes from Portobello  , just outside Edinburgh..where my Mam came from.
In one or two of these photos i fancy he looks a  little  like me.........Something genetic :)?
Here are some of my photos from day (unfortunately,my audio recorded didnt work..I would have like to have  shared their music here   tonight ...but some fine pix none the less)


savannah said...

came here as the ISB Black Jack Davy... was playing in the background! so now i have to play the clip here as i look at your photos1 well doenyou! xoxo

tony said...

Savvy X

Ms Scarlet said...

Oh! Teeth as castanets! I like it.

Joan said...

Music and photos --- almost like I was there -- which is a treat for this old gal who would love to travel and see and hear and experience this and so much more. Thanks

La Nightingail said...

An interesting post with a little of this & a little of that - including some handsome buildings.

Mike Brubaker said...

A fine slide show and I liked Zy's trick photo so I checked out that fantastic collection at Lots of stories in every face there!

Kristin said...

There is someone in the photos that looks like you, but I think it is you. Glad to hear those teeth were being used for castanets because I was sort of worried about where the face they went with was.

Brett Payne said...

Thanks for sharing that incredible series of street portraits, Tony.

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