Thursday, July 13

the family crest: it would make a lovely birthday present for the genealogist in your life


Kurt said...

Looks great, Tony. Have you been working out?

tony said...

Thanks Kurt.I lost a shed load of weight.
Swimming/walking plus cutting down on the booze .
I got told off at the end of last year by my local nurse.BMI said I was 3 stone over weight."Clinically Obese" apparently .......
in other words......I was a fatty!
I am now,currently ,a THIN FATTY!!!! Hurrah!

Ann ODyne said...

it's good and rare to not be 'clinically obese'.
85% of the population of Queensland, Australia has been recorded as being unhealthily tubby, and I could safely bet the ranch that Alabama would put that % in the shade.

Despite appearing at first glance to be 'slim', I am technically well over the Body-Mass Index definition of healthy weight.
We all have to have bodies like teenage boys do -
like all the geriatric Rolling Stones do despite a lifetime of Excess.
[well I do love dapper Charlie Watts - a class act].

Congrats dear AZ on your degustatory diligence.

tony said...

Thank You *blushes* . Funny Enough.....on my 'bucket list' is to(one day) have a body like Keef Richards ...!

iODyne said...

with the headlump from falling coconut?
the deviated septum?
the full set of dental implants
[because narcotics rot your teeth or because being high means never having to brush them]
and he does have arthritis [lumpy finger joints clear in photos].
Be careful what you wish for.
However, he is A Good Person and I am sure he will outlive Mick the Phys Ed maven.

tony said... Groovy Man.Far Out (......& suchlike)