Saturday, May 29, 2021

Postscripts # 1 & 2

An hour after my last post : my "Fast Tracked 14 days" appointment cancelled...... In theory I have a legal right to being seen within 14 days. The deadline for that would be next Friday ( the 4th June )

Plus my blood results now online. 4 out of 5 ok .but the other one not so (see details)

 Maybe my invisible GP will translate eventually.......? Weekend & Bank Holiday means nobody to talk to about it until Tuesday ...providing I can get past the receptionist!

Maybe I will post on facebook and ask "Is There A Doctor In The House" ?

Anyway...... I bought some Vit D tablets this evening . I'm thinking "Thyroids" ?


e said...

I am sorry to read you have thyroid cancer and possibly high blood pressure. As if COVID wasn't enough. I hope the appointment goes as well as it can and you have no more nasty surprises.

tony said...

thank you e X

tony said...

Although I have to point out that nothing is diagnosed. I "might" have Thyroid problems & i "might" have cancer .Nothing is known yet X

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