Saturday, May 29, 2021

Leeds and next week's hospital visit

I went with Chris into Leeds yesterday. He had a meeting there .While he was in it, I had time to kill ,so I wandered around Holbeck ( not a place I know) and took these photos.

I had my bloods tested on Thursday.

I go to hospital next Wednesday :"fast track" urgent referred..."to rule out the possibility of ......" the letter said   I still havn't seen ,or even spoken to my GP .All I've had has been a 5 minute face-to face with a Practice Nurse ..and the hospital appointment was made before bloods were even taken. I honestly do not know what to think ....or how to think it !

A rather existentially nervous weekend for me!

Maybe ( probably!) I will feel differently about it next week. But at present I feel  abandoned by my GP's . No doubt they are doing a grand job of box-ticking (quick referal etc) but it feels like they are just washing their hands of me....... it would have been nice to have had a human voice to explain events.....

 Adding insult, it  feels automated & impersonal. For example I have had two automatic text messages sent me this week that have been contradictory & inaccurate. So i spend my time talking to receptionists about their mistakes rather than my feelings .

But ,on the issue itself, there is silence. ! " Holistic Medicine" is so " 20th Century" it seems......


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