Sunday, March 11

is this what your missing ,the diamonds and the gold?

You may need to write this down/ copy&paste/feedburn/whip out your crayons/ etc
...... and tell people?
Exactly 3 years ago, me & Cathy saw Young Fathers play live in Rochdale.
  here: are my images + videos from that night.
We go see them again at the end of this month in Manchester.
 They have a new album out this week.
This is the Guardian Review
You may download "Coca Butter" here:
a photo i took of  them in Rochdale.
 "nothing but a bareface lie
is all  you cunts can hold on to
before it's a shame on you
where's your gail!
where's your shame?
Is this what your missing ?
the diamonds and the gold..."

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