Monday, February 05, 2018

ßréxitérs aré as thick as fuck


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If your very thick, you will love this video.Taken from my 2011 post how to hate the working classes
Some people are ultra literal,arnt they?
They dont see things in a wider context .
Anybody who reads my blog knows i dont "hate" the working classes ( if I did ,I would not  say so,would i?).
In my book. If you cant see irony,context,third-party views..then,yes you are as thick as pig shit ,non?
  • For the record. I,m not a "Remainer".
  •  I believe the E.U. is deeply flawed.
  • I dont wish for a second referendum.
However "Brexit" is different from"Leave".
Brexit has been hijacked by a bunch of right wing/nationalsocialists such as Farage
& Mogg. Now I dont want to be ruled by "faceless beurocrats from Brussels".
But I neither do I want to be governed by Trump.
 OK .I,ve explained myself. You cunts  can all go and just fuck off  ,s'il vous plaît
Although , you would be a bit soft to pay £15 for any T-shirt....and even softer to wear it in Public?


Martin said...

Just finished reading a fine collection of essays, written by working class writers. The book is "Know Your Place", published by DeadInk. As for the whole Brexit baloney...

tony said...

Thanks for the tip Martin.I will investigate Know Your Place .