Friday, February 09, 2018

the name is "Zimnoch". (barking up the wrong tree.........)

Rest  Well John Perry Barlow
In the Shepards Rest in Sowerby Bridge tonight with my Godson Bryn.

Me & Cath went to Hebden Bridge Picture House this morning to see 'Three Billoards Outside Ebbin Missouri '.
I sat there imagining , if someone gave me 3 billbords ( in ,let us say ,the middle of Halifax ) to give the population messages for 12 months...what would i chose to display to relect my concerns.....? 
 At this moment in time, I think I'd pick a few ditties by  R.D.Laing
 That's the "Laing" who was a psychologist,not the "Laing" who is a gay country & western singer (that's K.D.....)
Not that that's a bad thing.only....she never wrote Sanity, Madness & The Family  like wot Ronnie did.....'s film  should well win a shed load of Oscars .
It's the first great movie of The Trump Era ?
The ending , in particular , could have been The Rust-Belt going off to vote...... 
 I dont understand the Guardian's comment that
"......the critical backlash to this film: a feeling in some quarters that for all its powerful and compelling female lead, the movie appears obtuse on race and blackness by making it a subsidiary function of the white characters’ moral journey...." [read more:]  
 I dont get that at all.......I mean,it doesnt have anything to say about Polaks either.So what?
Bravo Performance,Frances McDormand .
Then I went out on the lash in Sowerby Bridge tonight.


Kurt said...

Any Zienteks or Borowskis in your tree? What about a Chrzan? We might be related.

tony said...

At the moment,The Polish side of the tree is ultra-sketchy Kurt.
But I will keep you posted.
I wonder, whereabouts in Poland the Zienteks, Borowskis & Chrzan's came from?

Kurt said...

My grandparents didn't talk much about where they came from, but the family lore was that Grandma Borowski's family came from Northern Czechoslovakia (Bohemia).

tony said...

a similar thing with me too.
My Polish side is pretty hazy now .
Partly because of time lapse & bereavment:
partly because of geographic distance :
partly because (the Poles at least) seemed pretty slack with their record keeping, back in the day.
We Do What We Can...
i guess....!

All The Young Dudes

  Me ,in white,  throwing some glorious "Sid Viscous Shapes" :)