Thursday, August 09, 2018

a great light creates deep shadows........

The post title was taken from a book I'm currently reading "The Sorrow Of Angels" by Jon Kalman Stefánsson
"We're in a leaky rowing boat with a rotten net, and we're going to catch stars".
This post was originally intended for last week's Sepia Saturday theme.(  Illusions:trick photos: big& small) But I was too late submitting, so.......I'm thinking  it can equally apply this week instead?
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I took this photo on 30 August 1997.In Howth near Dublin .It was the weekend Princess Dianne died in Paris.
 I was with Julie Boardman and her friend His Drayness (who i went to teacher training college with) Julie said "take a photo of me squashing this man" ( a sepia display of 1900's images..this one being   The Giant's Causeway in Ireland's 'Six Counties'.)
So I did!
  This week we booked seats at Manchester Royal Exchange to see  this: play in September.It's currently playing the Edinburgh Festival and stars Julie Hesmondhalgh.
Quote of the day (again from the Edinburgh Festival) .
Frankie Boyle "..has acid words for anyone who is worried about plastic in the ocean when there are refugees drowing in it..." (Independent)


Kristin said...

Nice squash. Sometimes I wish for such power.

tony said...

Digital Power !

Barbara Rogers said...

It took a minute...I saw light, I saw shadow, I saw men standing, and then...oh yes, the fickle finger of fate! Well done in a sly manner.

Molly of Molly's Canopy said...

I'm with Barb...I had to enlarge the photo to get the full impact. Nice selection! A photo within a photo, light, shadow, a life-sized woman pointing, small figures afar. I'd call this a double-header for this week and last!

tony said...

Thanks Molly & Barbara for getting the picture!

Postcardy said...

I had to look at your photo several times before I noticed the finger.

Mike Brubaker said...

Terrific accidental art! However the man she is squashing is at the Cliffs of Moher which I recognize as I was standing very near that same spot in mid-June. (it also says that in the painting's caption) The Cliffs of Moher on Ireland's west coast are breathtaking, but so is the Giant's Causeway on the northern coast which I saw a few days later. Lot's of people around who deserve a good Monty Pythonesque squashing.

tony said...

Thanks Mike for correcting my memory failure .It makes more sense as Moher is in The Republic & The Giant's in Ulster.
Although Ive been to both Belfast & Dublin (and bits in between)I've never been to the West Coast......They say its both beautiful & dramatic.
Yea, Pythons sprang to my mind too.