Wednesday, March 28, 2018

the British monarch is descended from the Prophet Muhammad

Cathy's Spring Flowers - Rainbow Tulips.

"QUEEN ELIZABETH must claim her right to rule Muslims.” 
So ran a recent headline on the Arab Atheist Network, a web forum. 
It was only partly in jest. According to reports from Casablanca to Karachi, the British monarch is descended from the Prophet Muhammad, making her a cousin of the kings of Morocco and Jordan, not to mention of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader. 

 The claim, first made many years ago, is gathering renewed interest in the Middle East. Why is not clear, but in March a Moroccan newspaper called Al-Ousboue traced the queen’s lineage back 43 generations. Her bloodline runs through the Earl of Cambridge, in the 14th century, across medieval Muslim Spain, to Fatima, the Prophet’s daughter. 

[The Economist] 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

mainstream negroes that look like Jesus....
 In Manchester last night at The Ritz seeing Young Fathers x

Mainstream negroes that look like Jesus. 

the sounds a bit tinny on my video here.But the picture is ok.A Lovely venue (full-house,1,500 souls)  a Shout Out to Halifax couple Maciek & Anna Platek who me & Cath met up with in Manchester at this gig.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Those Feng Shui at Stinky Hole ßlues

Nothing much new to show this week.
It been fucking boring.
The most exciting thing to happen these past days has been my  trip up to " Stinky Hole " to draw some fresh sulphur spring water for my eczema.
 I'm not even convinced it does any good.
But at least the smell takes my mind off scratching. .................
Hopefully my next posts will be more interesting. 
Friday/Saturday me and Cath go see Young Fathers at The Manchester Ritz. 
The following Thursday ,about ten of us from the various Halifax/Rochdale & Bacup Tribes meet up in Manchester's Chinatown for a curry ( a rearranged date, due to snowfall on March 1st)
Yesterday I was chatting to the Estate Agent we are renting our current flat/apartment from.
 He told me that the former tennant here was a 70 year widower.An ex-Labour Councillor and Model Railway Enthusiast 
He lived alone  and used to run a railway track throughout the 2-bedroom/2 bathroom flat.
 I'm am still trying to 'process' this information....
I dont know what to make of it?
 I cant help thinking it would have totally fucked - up the Feng Shui.......?

Friday, March 16, 2018

Trivial Pursuits

 I was 18.
And working as a nursing assistant/'Cadet Nurse' at Stansfield View Hospital in Todmorden.
Then,one weekend ,I was off
I wanted to go to " A  Festival"...........

......which  all started so well for me! 
having  grown my hair: got meself all the 'right'clothes:had watched "Easy Rider" a couple of times:and was in the middle of my first Herman Hesse novel.
So I felt like a
Debutant,entering 'Society'  for the first time.

The first thing that happened to me was a young 'hippy'with a London accent walk up to me   to ask
"Where are the toilets ,Man"?
 I had arrived.I  had been recognised as one of the tribe........

"When the Humblebums appeared on Saturday evening it started to rain even harder and because the stage roof was flat , water quickly collected and poured through onto the musicians . During the course of their performance the drummer played with an umbrella up and there were constant interruptions due to workmen coming on stage to drill holes in the floor to let the rain out. ..."
The above photo is from 1970.In Barkisland ,near Halifax.It is during the  Krumlin Festival
It was billed to be "England's Woodstock" .
A bonkers Idea!  High up in moorland...A torrential storm......Horrible Weather.By the second  night ,the police were handing  out waterproof -sheeting to us baby hippies.......One band ( John Mayall?) had to abandon their set for fear of being electricuted.
One person died overnight from exposure...
Krumlin was abandoned halfway through this 2 day  storm.
Between making drug -arrests,the police helped us evacuate.....
The promoter , a  Local   Halifax Lad   called  Brian Highley
vanished alone on foot into the stormy misty moorland.He was 
.".....owing large sums of money to all and sundry or to have wandered off in a fugue-like state , tramping the moors for several days before being rescued in the nick of time before he expired from exposure and dehydration......."[read more:]
  It wasnt all bad though!
For example,it was  the first time I heard & saw live rock music (other than seeing The Troggs a few years earlier at Halifax's Victoria Theatre)
On Krumlin's   first night (before this freak weather came ) I heard Sandy Denny sing :England's finest ever folk voice......It was worth it ,for me,for this alone.
+The Pentangle played live too !
.And a young Elton John made his 'big audience' debut ( handing out bottles of brandy to some in the crowd to keep them warm)
Brian Highley   later went on to invent 'Trivial Persuits ' and script write on British t.v.'s 'Spitting Image'.
Such is life..............
This week's  sepia saturday is around the themes of :
  • RAIN ✔,
  • CHILDREN  unless you count us "children trying to get back to the garden...."? 
  • NIGHT:

a section of the 25,000 crowd.Maybe I am one of them?

Sunday, March 11, 2018

is this what your missing ,the diamonds and the gold?

You may need to write this down/ copy&paste/feedburn/whip out your crayons/ etc
...... and tell people?
Exactly 3 years ago, me & Cathy saw Young Fathers play live in Rochdale.
  here: are my images + videos from that night.
We go see them again at the end of this month in Manchester.
 They have a new album out this week.
This is the Guardian Review
You may download "Coca Butter" here:
a photo i took of  them in Rochdale.