Saturday, July 27, 2013

61 Bi-Polar Bears (sod the 99 red balloons...)

I am 61 on Tuesday.
If you want to help me celebrate you might want to know I am PAYPAL;WONGA & CHURCH of ENGLAND ®. compliant.
To celebrate my birthday, British Sea Power rode into Hebden Bridge on Friday.(they brought a couple of their Bi_Polar Bears with them!) See my photos HERE


Brian Miller said...

bi-polar bears? ha.
hey they are going all out for your birthday eh?
happy birthday man

Kurt said...

You have been my inspiration to see more live music. Seeing Taj Mahal in August and Mavis Staples in November. Happy Bday.

Unknown said...

You're 61, and I'm bipolar, though not a bear. (Literally I am--wouldn't joke about something like that.) So, happy 61st birthday from a bipolar person-shaped thing.