Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wanda Sikes Boyd-where are you?

I get worse & worse at visiting:reading & replying to your comments.I am sorry.I will visit & be social again before my next post here! (that was ,obviously a lie! BUT! I shall return soon!)
Those of you who use facebook will know that ,if you click "messages" & click again on another subfolder ,messages (usually from unknown people) are stored there.Sometimes I dont think to look there and a message can sit  unopened/unread  (in my case,for up to 6 months!).
By chance i looked there this week & found this message.It's a bit of a mystery because (a) I cant recall the photo mentioned(b) I dont know Wanda(c) it was impossible to reply to her (she wasnt recognised by facebook-and even a Google search of her proved zilch....... )
So.Wanda Sikes Boyd..if you read this..get in touch again,but not via facebook!!!


Brian Miller said...

oh how mysterious...any idea what tuesday it was? would be interesting to see who she was

Martin Hodges said...

I know how it is, Tony. Still good to hear from you, as and when. Hope you solve the mystery.

savannah said...

working on a small screen, so i didn't know the sound clip was there until the music started! talk about a pleasant surprise. thanks, sugar! hope you solve your mystery soon. i'm trying to stay away from fb and concentrate more on the blog. drop by when you can! ;) xoxoxoxo

Little Nell said...

Perhaps it wasn't meant for you at all, and you never posted that mysterious picture.