Wednesday, September 04, 2013

dont old people look sweet?

My mate's addicted to drinking brake fluid but he reckons he can stop at any time........
Phil the Ex-Fireman's Mum ,Madge,died a few weeks ago.Me & Ken took him out drinking in Halifax to cheer ourselves up.
Tuesdays are very quiet in Town during the week.As we sat in Cookies Bar nursing our Pints,a lovely young lass (Zoe, a vague friend of Ken's) started putting 40's Music on the jukebox.A discussion began about the merits of Doris Day & the erotic appeal of petticoats.She insisted we all danced with her in turn.It was nice to see her put a smile on Phil's face.
Later in the evening,as we listened to Phil & Ken sing Small Faces songs, i leaned over to Zoe and whispered "arnt old people sweet!". She gave me a slightly dismissive look.This i interpreted as her thinking i looked much younger than Ken & Phil.....& i shouldnt poke fun at my elders.Point Taken!
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Brian Miller said...

brake fluid cant taste that good...ha...havent heard that song in forever...thanks for the ear worm before bed...

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