Saturday, March 29, 2014


I spent the day in Halifax.
 I went to Halifax Sauna at 830am.
Then onto North Bridge Leisure Centre for another big meeting against the Tory Closure of Halifax A&E. here are some photos I took.
Lots of things planned.We are getting input from people who prevented the closure of Lewisham A&E
After the meeting, i walked thru town (passed a Spring Fair enroute) & walked to The Shay Stadium for a spot of football (it was sunny.Had it been raining ,I would have gone straight home!)
I haven't seen Halifax Town play in years.
I was always a Rugby League fan when younger......but i did go watch Town now+again .
Most memorably in 1980 when they beat Manchester City in the FA Cup (United fans take heart! Click the link & see 10 minutes of blue-gloom!)
David Moyes, this how it is done easy.....
I went down The Shay today to watch them play Luton Town. Luton are miles ahead in The Conference.They need just one more win to get back into the Football League.
Halifax can still make the playoffs (Wembley!).Before today, 4 wins on the trot........
Infact ,Halifax have done really well over the last 7 years.They were kicked out of the league for financial reasons, and dropped 6 levels (any lower and they would have been playing in Scotland).They have been promoted 6 times in the past 7 seasons.The words "rise" "phoenix ""from" "ashes" spring to mind.......
It was a good game today.Halifax won 2-0. I was sat behind the dugout. One of the Halifax coaching staff fascinated me.He looks like he should be in a Duran Duran Tribute Band (maybe he is?). When Halifax scored their second goal I'm sure I photographed him doing a Quenelle gesture.towards the home supporters.........
It  strikes me.All the places this gentle author  went today.i.e.Halifax Swimming pool (sauna & free parking for the day!):North Bridge  Centre (A&E Meeting);Halifax Library to borrow a book:Borough Market(egg butty!): Car Park at Eureka (Spring Fair);The Shay Stadium (to watch Halifax Town) they are all funded by Calderdale Council.
I also work for Calderdale Council.
Yet, The Liberal Democrates +Tories are  wishing to destroying it all.......Why?