Saturday, March 22, 2014

'still looking at Angel Meadow.........

Several things I found out  today.For example (Don,did you know?)Nobby Stiles learnt his skills as a kid,playing over the 40,000 graves of Angel Meadow! (growing up as a child the Council  had put goalposts on St Michaels Flags!)
And Lowry , although everybody thinks him a Salford painter.......many of his images  were taken from Angel Meadow ,where he worked as a rent collector.....he would sketch inbetween collecting Debt...........(i bet Mr Wonga dont do that today!)
Me & Cath are in Manchester this weekend.We went to a Talk about Angel Meadow & St Michael's Flags It was part of Manchester Histories Festivalwhich runs for the next 8 days. Today was also the Reopening of Manchester Central Library It would have been rude not to go.Its a bit like the Deck of The Starship Enterprise. A 'Must Visit' the next time your in the city.
I did these images mostly on my new Panasonic compact.I really think my late-great Fuji (RIP) was better...but these are ok...I may get used to this new regime
one 'plus' is that .I do like the "panorama" mode! The display on here doesnt do them justice....if you wish to see much better vision look at 'em  on This slideshow.....