Friday, May 15, 2015

love never came case  you didn't know,the Tories got in again.Britain is not happy.Mr Cameron has grounded us.Sent us to bed early,without our supper........It shall  end in tears........
Really ,the British election can be summed up quite easily.The Scots want to become more Scottish:the English want to become more American........
 Life, they tell  me, goes on.....So I went out in Hebden Bridge last night.
Its never happened before , but one of the people with us drinking throughout the night   is rather famous .(Listen to his music!)
Richard Bedford came drinking with us in the Fox&Goose & Railway Pubs!
We sat in the Railway  and Ken  said "is that you on the jukebox?".Richard said "yes".
You can see his photo below& above  if you look  ( and know your onions...}
Richard is a very lovely bloke.
A nice night. Hopefully we will do this again soon.
Richard Bedford:Official Website
We BOB DYLANt White Dove [Dandelion 083/84, 2CD] Live at the Irving Plaza, New York City, NY; December 8, 1997.