Friday, April 22, 2016

Early Roman Kings

Bob Dylan:Early Roman Kings:Live at the Century Hall, Nagoya, Japan; April 15, 2016.

Fuck Donald Trump.The man's a stupid Cunt. And ,while we are on
the subject....
Fuck Cruz ( another Cunt):
Fuck Hilary Clinton (she's a witch, you know that?):
even, Bernie Sanders.........
However, the guy below,in the video, is the real deal America , he could be your Saviour Hold Him To Your Breast !.Watch The Video!

Lots of traffic for this post.Google seems to have picked up my use of TRUMP:CRUZ:CLINTON ! Hence the "potty mouth"....


Ann ODyne said...

when those Amurrican numnuts elect The Donald you will at least have the big laugh when Her Maj is required to officially receive him.
my mind is already boggling in anticipation at what his approach may be.
Recently I encountered a person who had experienced St Bob [benignly] in a personal setting. the report did not reflect well. best not to know too much about those we admire [eg Prince death revealed weird stuff I hadn't known].
keep on rocking the Bridge dear TZ

tony said...

Ah Annie, I'm under no illusions about Dylan.I love his mind;his music; but I,m sure he's as mad as a Box of Frogs! My worst nightmare would be trapped in a lift/ elevator with him!
As to Trump,he at least has the decency to be upfront about being Bonkers. Sadly,i suspect,most World Political Leaders are just as bad as he is......he's just not learned the knack of hiding it.......

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