Thursday, May 26, 2016

alec soth & others.

Me & Cath went to see this Exhibition in Bradford today.


Kurt said...

Are those bombed-out buildings left over from WWII?

tony said...

yea Kurt .Even in the late 70s & early 80s when I lived in The East End, they still had plenty of such sights.I worked in a school(Beckton/Silvertown)that was next door to an animal slaughter house.(often the most exciting thing for the kids was when a beast occasionally escaped...& white-coated blokes would chase it down the street.I thought of it as "Nature Study".).the rest of the area , a mile long road ,was just wasteland (except for some abandoned 'prefabs" along what was called Eisenhower Drive !)Happy Daze!

evans said...

museums are very resourceful and maintain our history thumbs for those who make it possible and those who appreciate