Saturday, August 13, 2016

13th August : Happy Valley Pride.
So. I went into Hebden Bridge this afternoon.
Taking a look at Hebden Bridge's first ever Pride.
Really nice feeling around the town.
 Hebden has been a Gay friendly place for many years.I'm surprised this hasnt happened before now.......
I was thinking of David Cameron today. The only "brave " thing he ever did was to support Gay Rights legislation.
I guess he must have  some rich gay friends?, Because he never did fuck all for gay disabled people:gay midwives:the  gays homeless:gay public service workers:gay ambulance drivers:gay lorry drivers:gay youth;gay unemployed:etc etc.....


Ann ODyne said...

It is so important for young people struggling with their identity to see that they will be accepted. I remember the bad old days of secrecy and fear.
thanks for sharing lovely images of lovely Yorkshire life.

tony said...

I fully agree Annie.The changes in attitude have been amazing.God bless the Gay Movement for making the world a better & kinder place.An inspiration for others.