Saturday, December 24, 2016

notes from an orphan

Tu Spoczywa 
Wladyslaw Zimnoch 
(14th Feb 1917-26th Dec1984)

Boxing Day 1984: Me & Cath   are in Marrakesh.
I recieve a phonecall from my brother Ziggy.
My Dad has suddenly died of a massive Heart Attack.
 Boxing Day 2016 I visit his & my    Mum's grave at Stoney Royd Halifax.
 I dont visit their graves often these days.I stand& wonder , why? The conclusion I come to is ,perhaps ,they are buried deep in my head ,not deep in that ground.
A bit of poetical nonesense.But true none the less........

At Christmas Mass......we sat with our neighbour the TV  actress     Eileen O'Brien 


Ms Scarlet said...

Happy Christmas!!!!

tony said...

Thank You Ms xxx And Season GreetingsTo Your Good Self Too.

Kristin said...

My parents remains were ashes and can't visit the places my mother's were flung out or where my father's are in a urn in one of his churches.I think I would like it if they were buried near to were I am, but I visit them in my mind as they were. Anyway, good wishes to you and yours for the coming year. May we all gather here next year.

tony said...

Good Wishes &Love Kristin to You & Yours. Yes We Continue !

Cath's Birthday