Sunday, April 16, 2017




Ann ODyne said...

$179 for a hardcopy of that one
"found in the archives of the famous English Lady E. S. Drower (1879-1972), who was novelist, folklorist, specialist on the Mandaeans, and writer of travel accounts, her 1930's collection of folktales from Iraq featuring monsters and heroes, maidens and fairies "

[and then in the late 70's fanatic Khomeini came along and things have been ugly ever since]
Thanks Tony, I learn something everyday from bloggers. Happy Easter.

tony said...

Hey Annie! Happy Easter Also to your Good Self.
This is all new to me.
Might well take my interest to a whole new level....beyond ,even, Rumi,for me.
Viva La Difference! X

Ann ODyne said...

If ever 'a good death' can be had, with one's dearest, and not a shock, is the way. I muse on my own death too frequently each day, needing to survive only because I can't bear to leave a messy house behind which then causes me to consider the Dalai Lama nirvana of managing without possessions, but

ah The International Times. on the table next to Our Whole Earth Catalogue and that fat paperback copy of Lord Of The Rings [usually in the woven ethnic shoulder bag with the nuclear-disarmament badge pinned to it.
It was Nader then, and it is Trump now. achieve nirvana if you can.

tony said...

I was talking to an (ex)Hippy Barber in Todmorden Sauna this morning ( as you do..)
I told him ,"if The Angry Brigade were around today they wouldnt be Angry , they would be absolutely Livid......!

Ann ODyne said...

I kept going on Lady Edith and found J H Peterson

'I have been trying to purchase a copy of this book for some time, but have always been outbid by extravagant amounts. Bidding was always vigorous, so I figured there was a fair amount of interest in this text. Therefore, I decided to create this HTML edition of (PEACOCK ANGEL
an anthropological account that even Margaret Mead would admire).

tony said...

Hey! Thanks For The Sharing! I will have a good read today. Looks Brilliant .

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