Saturday, April 01, 2017

all my pictures r falling from the wall i placed them yesterday ......

Chris took this photo in Italy a few years ago. He was travelling around with Mick & was  Spring in the mountains of Abruzzo.{They later travelled down the spine of Italy to the beaches of Sicily }In Chris's photo here , it was cold enough to still ski:but warm enough to begin thinking about getting a tan....!

This is a sepia saturday 
click [here] to see others. 

I took the prompt to be about the beach &   it's  possible  substitutes or alternatives..
Neil Young's "on the beach" pops into my head ( hence the title) 
It's a very dark & sombre album.
I'm in a similar place myself, at the moment.
I havnt been away & relaxed for some time now.

I keep getting obsessive dreams that I am swimming in the ocean.
Perhaps I am in  need of  Mr Jung not Mr Young? !
Me ,Cath Don & Margaret saw& heard Bashti  Bunyan sing in the Bridgewater in Manchester once.
 Her voice always   soothes   me.....
  Vashti Bunyan ( after the goldrush) :Janine Nichols & Kevin Hearn ( expecting to fly) : 2010 .Hal Willner's Neil Young Project: Queen Elizabeth Theatre.Vancouver. 

me & my Mam on Portobello Prom ,near Edinburgh ,when I was a nipper.
The late 50's?

a photograph by Francesca Woodman: via:
"ever since I left the city you"


Unknown said...

A combination of Mr. Jung and Mr. Young...hmmm. I prefer a combination of Mr. Crosby, Mr. Stills, Mr. Nash & Mr. Young...not such a dark place...

Little Nell said...

A lovely photo of you and Mum. I hope you manage to hold your head above your watery dreams soon.

tony said...

Indeed X

Mike Brubaker said...

A snow beach scene works for me, but did anyone try to get buried in the snow? "After The Goldrush" is one of the best melodies that Neil Young wrote. The lyrics though are not unlike a dream where the meaning is unclear and always shifting.

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

You look eager and full of excitement as a child. Like you can hardly wait to get free and run.
Swimming all night makes for an exhausting day after. I've begun editing my dreams.
I dream a scene then it stops and I revise it and it replays. Quite fun. I wake up smug.

tony said...

Helen,Yea!it's a grand thing when you can sieze back the script of a dream.
I'm not very skillful ,but i can do that sometimes.
It always amazes me how a dream creates itself.
The wild juxtapositions. How are they ever formulated?
We are all Picasso's when asleep!
Aye Mike a dream of a song .......!

ScotSue said...

I have never seen a snowy beach before, with the deck chairs out. My husband'a parents lived in Portobello, near Edinburgh, so we know the beach well. Like your mother I had those kind of sandals and style of skirt. Sandals mean summer, but I gather it was a typical Scottish summer as she is wearing a jumper!

tony said...

It was actually Joppa.
A lovely place.
(ironically?),I love the best, the swimming pool that looks onto the beach.
My Mum told me once that she remembered the young Sean Connery was a lifeguard at the pool when she was a girl.
The Baths are still going are the superb Turkish Baths which are housed in the building.

Wendy said...

What a cute beach photo, but that watery woman is strange indeed. Love CSN&Y.

tony said...

Thanks Wendy X

Boobook said...

Lovely photo of you and your mum. It looks like it was warm enough, but maybe not warm enough to swim.

tony said...

It's never warm enough to swimin England ! :)

Kurt said...

On the Beach is my fave Neil album. We used to listen to it while driving and camping all over California in the 80s. In fact, I just bought the new reissue LP. It sounds great!

tony said...

He's The Man !My Favourite Off That Album Was Always for the turnstile

All The Young Dudes

  Me ,in white,  throwing some glorious "Sid Viscous Shapes" :)