Thursday, May 04, 2017

birdbox ,bluebells & butterflies.

In the Garden:a Birdbox Chris just finished today.

Below a slideshow of my visit today with Cath to Hardcastle Craggs:


Mike Brubaker said...

Nice photos, Tony. What is the blog gadget you use for your slideshow? I think I could use it to show very wide photos that otherwise don't fit easily into the main blog space.

tony said...

Hi Mike ,I have a subscription to smugmug.
Lots of such features ,tho you have to pay.
the slideshow is a useful feature

Mike Brubaker said...

Thanks, Tony, I'll check it out. I have a number of "yard-long" photos that don't display well in the regular blogger format. Ideally I want some kind of scrolling/zooming image viewer.
Google/Blogspot doesn't see to develop their program or offer much support anymore. Lots of 3rd party stuff that used to work is now obsolete. Lately I've worried about where my blog images are stored in the cloud now that Google terminated Picasa. So far Google knows where to find them, but I don't like not knowing.

tony said...

Yea Smugmug is good.......but Im looking for an alternative, free ,alternative.Watch this space!

71 not out