Saturday, May 27

ditch the cunt.


Ann ODyne said...

totally spoiled by TWttr couldn't I just click 'LIKE" somewhere.
Maybe elections will be conducted on Twitter soon.
May does not appear to be likeable.
Do we just all move to Jussy's Canada? [he looks good from a distance] but with all that snow all the time?

tony said...

Yea......I have whiplash from this sudden Worldwide swerve rightwards.....The UK General Election has so many potential outcomes & ironies.
(Dont tell twitter but..) My prediction is (a) May wins ...but with little increase in her mandate (b) Corbyn loses but within the bounds of respectibilty(he's fought an excellent campaign )(c) Corbyn's position is made stronger within Labour /he keeps his job /he sees of his Blairite critics (d) although May wins.....her party is pissed of with her royally.She steps down as leader .(e)England continues to go tits-up!

Ann ODyne said...

all the same in Australia, only the names change.
current govt is conservative and eroding every bit of care the nation needs.
Rich people FEAR poor people.

The election of Trump is the proof that really really stupid people outnumber* those who read and think.
I wish there was an IQ test before qualifying to vote, as with
tests for driving licences.
There is only the oceanic equivalent of a ditch between us and New Zealand** and some of us gaze across and think of emigration.

* evidenced by 'Pippa's Wedding' holding a strong protracted presence in the aggregated Google News Top 10 with the other 9 places being all significant political horrors.

** they had a woman PM yonks ago, then a very cultured man, they banned nuclear ships from docking there, and the scenery is majestic.

tony said...

I Agree .I'm not really sure the reason for it...It tends to be the Global Crash of 2008 that is blamed.....(* it didnt help*) but I,m not even sure it's that.....It must be something more fundamental than that.....
Maybe it's the way Culture has been globalised more? Mass Communication & suchlike?
'Bit of a mystery to me ,if Im honest.
You look to New Zealand : I look to Scotland .It's almost like escapes during The Potato Famine albeit,minus the need of potatoes .........!