Friday, May 12, 2017

always the Fire Exit never the front door........

The U.K. Mainstream Media is just an organ of government.
It is not independent.
It's propaganda.
It's Pravda
.It has & is doing every dirty trick possible to scupper Labour's chances in the General Election here.
As an indication of how News is hostile here is a rare example of Labour being able to bite back. It shouldnt be this way.It shouldnt be remarable .Sadly it is...... BBC presenter Nick Robinson interviewing Labour's Shadow International Trade Secretary, Barry Gardiner .


Ann ODyne said...

Hostile news? organs of government. and The Manchester Guardian was a trusted comfort long ago.

in my formative years I was impressed by the writings of Bertrand [Lord] Russell where he addressed a world government.
I wonder now what he would make of world governing nonagenarian Rupert Murdoch who pops up everywhere something bad is going down, as the ex of his 4th wife used to sing "pleased to meetchoo, hope you get my name" with his news corporation meddling in every country.
I am relieved Murdoch is no longer a fellow citizen of my country. The septics can have him. He dined with Trump on the day our foolish PM sat waiting 3 hours in a hotel lobby to get 30 minutes with the president of a country which relies on our hosting USA's enormous Pine Gap spy station. During the 30 minutes trump referenced himself 40 times and never used our PM's name once.
where was I?
The political attitudes in Australia, the USA and the UK are all too similar right now. tread on the downtrodden.
I strain my ears for the sound of tumbrils coming and barricades going up

tony said...

The lie they gave us was "we have got over the financial crash of 2008"
It seems we never really did......
...... ( it must have been much worse than they ever admitted.)
The price was the creation of this static void , which has been populated by creature half-lives such as Trump & Murdoch.
Our liberal dreams evaporate........
Quite what the end-game is ,they havn't told us yet.
But (be sure) it is already well mapped .
It is bound to get more terrible ,before it gets marginally less so!

Martin said...

Agreed, Tony. But why keep putting Diane Abbott up as a spokesperson on anything? Talking about shooting themselves in the foot. And I'm not talking about dear old Michael, either.

tony said...

i must agree about D.A.:) she does not inspire.

Ann ODyne said...

forgot to mention that IMO that 'Little village's Big crowd for Corbyn indicates Hebden Bridge environs has superior community intelligence.


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